What Makes Peacock Loop Diner So Special

During the planning portion of our St. Louis trip, it was decided that we would make the Moonrise Hotel, on the DelMar Loop, our home base. With this in mind, we went to work looking for unique dining destinations within walking distance. When we happened upon the Peacock Loop Diner, it was obvious that a visit would be a requirement.

Neon lit signs describe the items available inside the Peacock Loop Diner.

On our first evening in town, we took a stroll down the Loop after checking into the hotel. When we passed Peacock, we happily bathed in the neon glow of the animated sign that designates this uniquely St. Louis landmark. It was tempting to pop in for a bite, since the restaurant is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Since we were on our way to dinner at Fitz’s, we passed on this place knowing that we would be testing it for breakfast the next day.

The neon accented interior evokes a cheery atmosphere.

Neon Glow

Bright and early the next morning, we made our way to the restaurant with our appetites in tow. Stepping inside, we found that neon continued to dominate. Our first sight was the bar area, which serves up adult milkshakes, as well as pretty much every type of mixed drink. It was a little too early to consider these, so we moved on to the seating area. Four U-shaped counters jut out into the room offering plenty of seating. We chose one of the booths that sit along the wall opposite the counters. A series of displays, set in the wall, are filled with various memorabilia associated with peacocks and dining.

Special features at the Peacock Diner include skeeball machines and the Carousel of Love booth.

Unexpected Extras

On our way to sit down, we passed a couple of interesting features. A special booth named “Peacock Carousel of Love” can be reserved for special occasions. It seats up to 8 people, and rotates to reveal a flat screen TV hidden behind a curtain. This was certainly something we had never seen before and we have visited a lot of restaurants. Nearby this booth was a seating area with a few tables. In one corner of the area stood two Skeeball games.  This is one of our favorite games, so we took time to play after ordering our food. Being early in the morning, the breakfast crowd hadn’t started flowing in yet. This meant that it wasn’t long before our food was ready.

A standard breakfast of eggs, bacon and hash browns can be ordered 24 hours a day.

Diner Eats

Our day’s schedule included a visit to the St. Louis Zoo, so Crystal was looking to fuel up before our visit. The entire menu is available all day, so the choices were numerous. After a little hesitation, she ordered a fairly standard breakfast of eggs, bacon and hash browns. The Build Your Own Breakfast lets customers assemble the meal of their choice with a nice set of options. It provided plenty of food to load her up for a long morning of exploring.

The Finals Breakfast Sandwich packs breakfast items between waffles and adds some sweet and spicy sauces for extra flavor.

Not My Norm

In most cases, I would have doubled up and ordered the same dish as Crystal. Being in an exploration mood, I chose to try something we don’t run across very often. The  Finals Breakfast Sandwich is made with fried egg, cheddar cheese, and a meat of choice (Mine was bacon) all loaded between  waffle wedges. syrup and sriracha sauce accompany the dish to bring a little sweet and spicy. While it was different than Crystal’s choice, I still ended up having plenty of fuel to hold me through the entire time at the zoo. We finished a little early, so we sat and enjoyed an extra cup of coffee. The morning crowd was beginning to filter in, so we decided to head off to our next destination. Our visit to the Peacock Loop Diner offered us a cheery start to our second day of exploring in St. Louis. Have you ever dined in the “Peacock Carousel of Love”? Tell us about your experience.

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