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A Cut Above At Final Cut Steakhouse

Like many couples, we are always on the lookout for restaurants to add to our list for special occasions. We enjoy a good steakhouse, and have a small list we fall back on, when a birthday or anniversary arrives. Finding a new one that rises to the top of the list is a rare feat, but it occurred when we visited Final Cut at the Hollywood Casino in Kansas City, Kansas. We met up with Dean Doria, VP of Marketing, and Adam Fruehauf, the Executive Chef.
We want to thank Hollywood Casino for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own.

Movie memorabilia adorns the walls and display cases in Final Cut steakhouse.

Hollywood Comes to Kansas City

It came as no surprise that the Hollywood theme would carry into the Final Cut restaurant. Prior to dining, Dean led us on a tour of the restaurant. Photos of various movie stars adorn the walls, but the stars are the memorabilia display cases. A silver gown worn by Celine Dion at the Academy Awards ceremony, when Titanic won so many awards, resides in a place of honor. Nearby, artifacts from The Wizard of Oz are displayed for Kansans to show off to their out of town guests. We all know that most people from outside of the Midwest relate Kansas to this movie. Our dinner was being served in their private dining room, which holds about 20 people, and can be reserved for special events. Here we found smaller display cases set into the walls, which hold pieces from various renowned movie sets. It certainly sets the mood for an upscale evening.

Appetizers on the menu include crab cakes and stuffed mushrooms.

The Dining Experience Begins

Unlike what we would normally experience at a regular dinner, this evening’s meal was set up to showcase a wider variety of the dishes offered at Final Cut. First up were a couple of the appetizers. The Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes are not what we are used to, since they don’t use the filler that most restaurants will. These are made with just crab meat and spices, and are served with a spicy remoulade for dipping. So pure, and flavorful. The other dish was the Italian Stuffed Mushrooms, which came on a plate of three. The stuffing is a sausage base, and adds an interesting twist to the tumeric sauce. I thoroughly enjoyed these, since Crystal is not a fan of mushrooms. (Her loss!)

Two of the salad options available at Final Cut in Hollywood Casino.

Final Cut has four salad choices on their menu, and we were served two of the most popular. The Wedge has become a staple for many steakhouses, and theirs are served with bacon crumbles, and a blue cheese dressing. The Mixed Greens is topped with Parmesan cheese, and comes with a helping of house made ranch dressing. Both salads were fresh, but we only nibbled at them, since tonight was about being carnivores.

Seafood options include colossal shrimp cocktail, and Alaskan king crab legs.

The Hits Keep Coming

Now that we had cleansed our palates with the salads, it was time to test some of the seafood options at Final Cut. Another appetizer option is the Colossal Gulf Shrimp, which are well described. As you can see from the picture, these things are as big as a lemon, and the cocktail sauce is house made. While Crystal was enjoying these, I had my eye on the Alaskan King Crab. It worked out well that I love crab, and Crystal is a fan of shrimp. We each got our favorite, and even shared some with our hosts. Their seafood was so delicious, but we both had to scale back to save room for the other courses that were being served.

The Filet Mignon is wrapped with bacon and topped with cheese, crab, and lobster.

Where’s The Beef?

Crystal’s favorite cut of steak is the filet, and at Final Cut they have a couple options. A certified angus version comes in 7 or 10 ounce portions. The other choice is the Signature Filet Mignon, which is what we were served. This is the 10 ounce size, but is wrapped with bacon, and topped with herb cheese, blue crab, and lobster. Once this was placed in front of Crystal, I knew she would be more than happy to do the testing for us. In the end, she remarked that it was tender, moist, and the combination of flavors were unlike anything she had ever had. By the time she finished it, it was a given that she found it delicious.

Tomahawk Chop and Porterhouse steaks at Final Cut are both 24 ounces each.

Final Cut Has The Beef

With Crystal occupied, the three guys at the table focused on the larger cuts of beef. We had two sizeable steaks to choose from. The 24 ounce Final Cut Tomahawk Chop is made from Australian wagyu, which is unbelievably tender. This one was placed near me, and it was tempting to keep it to myself. Fortunately for the others, I also wanted to sample the 24 ounce certified angus Porterhouse Steak. This was just as tender, and gave me a chance to taste the differences between cuts and beef sources. All of the steaks at Final Cut are seasoned with kosher salt and tri-color peppercorns. Broiled at 1600 degrees, they develop a tasty crust, while maintaining their juicy tenderness.

A table filled with assorted dishes.

The picture above shows that we included some sides into our meal. The Asparagus Spears are grilled, but retained their crunch. The pot of Cream Corn included a cheese base, which was Crystal’s favorite side dish. The pot of Steakhouse Mushrooms got overlooked in pictures, but was not missed by me.  All of the sides are a la carte, and there are eleven options to choose from.

A trio of sorbets and bread pudding are two dessert options at Final Cut.

Sweet Finishes

Just in case there was a small spot in our bellies that had been missed, the chef had another couple surprises up his sleeve. Dessert options for the evening included a Trio of Sorbets. The sorbets were light and each had unique flavor combinations. Crystal is a big raspberry fan, so she gravitated to the one in the middle. I sampled them all, but ended up really liking the blueberry-lemon version on the left. The flavor choices change depending on available ingredients, but we are betting there is always a great variety. By the time we made it to the Bread Pudding, everyone was feeling the effects of the evening. Not to be beaten, we pushed on. As soon as we tasted the dish, we found ourselves returning for additional bites. It had a nice texture, and the home made ice cream topping kept us coming back. The combination of great food, enjoyable company, and an amazing venue added up to a truly memorable evening. What special occasion will have you visiting Final Cut?

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Final Cut-Hollywood Casino-Kansas City Kansas-steakhouse-upscale dining-movie memorabilia-steaks

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  1. Everything looks amazing! Feel like getting on a plane just to visit that restaurant! And I’m Argentinian, I know the taste of good meat 😉

  2. Oh goodness, the photos combined with all the detailed description of its taste made me hungry! Hahahah 😀 I’d say the chef really coddled you with this dinner.

    Greetings from an Italian food appreciator :3

  3. Hi Jeff and Crystal, my husband and I will be visiting KC in October this year from Sydney, Australia so I was pleased to read that you enjoyed the Australian waygu. We will be visiting our son who moved to KC MO 4 years ago to marry a local girl. We will be celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary and thought it appropriate to see Dorothy’s RUBY slippers so will put The Final Cut on our “must eat” list.

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