All is right at Va bene Italian Eatery in Kansas City.

All Is Right – Va Bene Italian Eatery

It saddens us when we hear about a local business having to shutter its doors. Unfortunately, this was an all too common occurrence in 2020. On a positive note, there were many new enterprises willing to take a risk during those uncertain times. One that evidently felt it best to let 2020 pass by is Va Bene Italian Eatery, at  8232 Mission Road. Their solution was to launch their business on New Year’s Day of 2021. With a renewed hope for brighter days, it is fitting that their name loosely translates to “All Is Right”. We love their positivity and are hoping they are on to something.

The richness of the decor speaks volumes about the classic design of the menu at Va Bene.

Positive People

Our decision to visit Va Bene was as close to spur of the moment as we get. With the week burning by quickly, I was looking forward to our Friday date night. My days had been starting early in the office, so it was perfect for a Happy Hour celebration. Doing a scan of social media, I spotted a new restaurant that was getting a lot of buzz. That’s just what the doctor ordered, so I verified with Crystal and we had our date set. The space was familiar to us from past visits to the previous restaurant. It didn’t take long for us to meet new acquaintances at a nearby table. Like us, they were loving the vibe of this new Italian eatery and feeling that all is right, at least for this evening.

Va bene is a new choice for a Happy hour date for us.

Happy Hour Sips

Since it was Happy Hour, it seemed fitting to sample one of the cocktails. Our server was kind enough to point out one that I knew we would like. The Tito Lito is a delicious combination of Tito’s Vodka that has been infused with house-made Limoncello and fresh lemons. A sugar-coated rim adds a touch of sweetness to this distinctly tart drink.

Toasted ravioli makes an excellent starter for a Friday happy Hour.

St. Louis memories

When we do a Happy Hour, it usually ends up being a fusion between their special menu and the regular meal options. There was one dish that we spotted on the Happy Hour that we had to sample. The Toasted Ravioli made us think back to our time in St. Louis. After all, toasted ravioli was invented in that Midwestern city and has since become embedded in their various cuisines. While we have tasted a barbecue-infused version, the traditional style at Va Bene was very tasty.

The Fig & Prosciutto Pizza has a mighty combination of flavors.

Our Kind of Pie

With our appetites whetted, we knew that we needed something more substantial for our next course. With a menu filled with plates of pasta, sandwiches, and grilled entrees we chose one of our favorite Italian dishes, pizza. Oh, this was no ordinary pizza, this was a Fig & Prosciutto Pie. A savory base of pancetta cream, the roasted figs, and prosciutto all blend to add their own distinct flavors. The spicy kick of arugula pairs with the sweetness of the balsamic glaze to notch up the uniqueness of this dish. I wasn’t sure about the flavor combination at first but became a true believer after a couple of bites.

The authors know that all is right after a visit to va bene.

All Is Right

Our inaugural visit to Va Bene Italian Eatery was a glowing success. The interesting flavors were the kind that reminds us why we love exploring. Kansas City is filled with so many great pizza joints, but it’s nice to find one that has plenty of other choices. The idea that a start-up would choose to launch in the heart of a pandemic shows the drive of the human spirit. They certainly chose the right name, because we are positive that all is right at Va Bene. We can picture many more Happy Hour visits in our future.

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