Crystal watches the crowd pass nearby our seat at Flint restaurant.

An OKC First – Colcord Hotel OKC

Oklahoma City holds so many great opportunities for couples and families. With tons of attractions, hundreds of dining options, and welcoming residents, this city is just begging for a visit. On this trip, we only had 24 hours in OKC, so we needed to stay close to the action. The Colcord Hotel OKC was the perfect home base for our 24 hours of exploration, as well as an OKC first for us. With so much history and loads of style, we couldn’t wait to get our historic start going.

We want to thank Visit OKC and Colcord Hotel for their hospitality. Rest assured all opinions are our own. 

At 12 stories tall, the Colcord Hotel no longer holds the status of the tallest building in OKC, but it was still the first skyscraper.

Let’s Get This Visit Started

We made our first blog trip to OKC in 2018, but ran out of time, before seeing all the sites we wanted to feature. (You can see the 12 we tried last year in this article.) With only 24 hours to see what we missed, it was important to be close to local transit. No problem here, since the Colcord Hotel sits just a couple blocks from many key attractions. Bricktown is within easy walking distance, as well as the botanical gardens, and even the new streetcar. For those wanting a little extra pampering, the hotel offers complimentary luxury shuttle service to locations within two miles. Since the streetcar was still under construction during our last visit, we knew that was going to be key to our travels around downtown.

The Colcord Hotel is the first skyscraper built in OKC in 1910.

An OKC First

When we arrived at the Colcord Hotel, we noticed the towering structures that dwarfed our temporary home. Of course, it wasn’t always like that. Travel back to 1910, and you would find OKC’s first skyscraper weighing in at 12 stories tall. In those days, it was named the Colcord Building. The man behind the myth had come from California, and seen the devastation that earthquakes could cause. To make sure this same thing didn’t strike his new building, he created the first steel reinforced concrete building in OKC.

The dramatic marble walls and columns speak of luxury and elegance at the Colcord Hotel in OKC.

Bringing the Past to Life

When the Colcord Building was constructed, it was filled with all the luxuries of that time period. Marble columns and walls greet guests who pass through the double glass door entry. Decorative balusters line the staircases that lead to the floors filled with elegant lodging spaces. Art Deco light fixtures add an extra layer of nostalgic class. With such an elegant first impression, we were anxious to check out our room.

The bright pop of color in the bedspread added an air of casualness to the elegantly decorated boutique hotel room.

Boutique Styling

With all the amazing architectural elements, we were wondering what our room would look like. You can imagine our surprise when we entered our doorway to find this modern styling. The muted colors of the carpet and fixtures allowed the pop of color in the bedspread to jump out at us. Even though we would not spend a lot of time in our room, we knew that every minute would be enjoyable.

Having an opportunity to dine at Flint, in the Colcord Hotel, was an OKC first for us.

An Elevated Dinner

After a day filled with running, we needed to refuel for our upcoming evening. Fortunately, we didn’t have to go any farther than our hotel lobby. Flint Restaurant is located on the first floor of the Colcord Hotel. The mix of dark wood floors and oak tables adds an air of refinement to the space. Unfinished concrete pillars help keep the atmosphere from becoming stuffy. Diners have a mix of tables or booths to choose from, so there is something for every taste. Crystal prefers a booth, while I like chairs, and they even had a space to satisfy both of us.

The bar area of Flint Restaurant is a popular place during the late afternoon hours in OKC.

Popular Gathering Spot

Visiting Flint was an OKC first for us, so I wanted to be sure to check out the entire space. Our visit was purposely planned for an early dinner, as we had so many more stops planned for our evening. While the dinner crowd had not yet arrived, the bar area was already seeing plenty of activity. This brightly colored space has an inviting feeling, and is watched over by the glass deer head.

Tasting a Violet Skies, at Flint, was an OKC first for us.

Fresh Flavors

After seeing the delicious looking concoctions at the bar, I decided that one would look especially good on our table. Our server, George, was kind enough to make a suggestion for a delightful beverage that would compliment any dish we ordered. I agreed to let his choice ride, and soon he returned with a Violet Skies in hand. This light, yet flavorful drink is unlike any I had sampled. The drink is made with Capel Pico (a natural grape spirit from Chile), Bercherovka (a herbal liqueur from the Czech Republic), Creme de Violette (a violet flavored spirit), and some house made Lemon-Thyme syrup. The flavor is hard to describe, but it was gentle on the taste buds.

A plate of Masa Coated Fried Mississippi Catfish is brightened up by the colorful addition of a vegetable succotash.

Familiar Yet Fresh

Now it was time to concentrate on our dinner selections. Flint offers an American cuisine dining experience with an upscale, yet casual atmosphere. Our window front table offered us views of the patio dining nearby. The menu is filled with familiar foods that are taken to the next level. I chose the Masa Batter Fried Mississippi Catfish. When my plate was delivered, I found the presentation to be intriguing. On one side of the dish was an abundant helping of their seasonal vegetable succotash. When I spun the plate around, I was pleasantly surprised to find a delectable tomatillo relish.

The Herb Crusted Scottish Salmon was a tender, flaky entree with delicious accompaniments.

A Classic Plate

While the menu has plenty of land based meal options, Crystal also decided to go with a fish dish. The Herb Crusted Scottish Salmon comes with sides of asparagus and olive oil crushed red potatoes. The filet was light and flaky, and the crust was not overbearing. With our meals laid out in front of us, and pictures taken, we were ready to enjoy a casual meal. As we dined, we discussed our evening’s plans. There was so much we wanted to see on this visit, since many of the sights would be an OKC first for us.

Seeing the Capitol building form this angle was an OKC first for us.

Exploring the Big Friendly

The capital city of Oklahoma is brimming with sights that are appropriate for all ages. The city gained the nickname of “The Big Friendly” in 2007, and it is easy to understand why, once you interact with some locals. Everyone at Colcord Hotel was inviting and seemed genuinely happy to see us. The staff at Flint Restaurant treated us kindly, and we noticed the same approach being used with every other patron who entered the place. As we made our way around town, it seemed that the locals were more than happy to assist with directions or suggestions that made our visit easier. The true Midwestern hospitality certainly shines in Oklahoma City. Isn’t it about time you made a visit?

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  1. A lovely place they put you for your explorations of the city. I love violets but not quite sure I’d want to drink them! ūüėČ

  2. You must’ve had a great night, too, after the busy day. I have always liked OKC. We always go thru it when we visit Bill’s hometown Pittsburg, Kansas fro. Mesa, Arizona.

  3. Carole Terwilliger Meyers

    The Colcord Hotel OKC looks to be a colorful, grand hotel. Love that marble in the lobby. A nice hotel enhances a visit anywhere.

  4. The Colcord Hotel OKC looks fabulous from your photos. I love grand, discreetly elegant hotels in historic buildings which convey a sense of style along with comfort.

  5. Wow! I have to admit that the Concord Hotel OKC surprised me. It looks gorgeous and the room inviting with the traveler in mind . What a lovely base from which to explore. I would love it!

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