Brews and Bites At Dodge City Brewery

We found Dodge City, Kansas to be another great walking destination. The downtown section has lots of shops, sights, and eateries within close striking distance. The morning of the Dodge City Days Parade was a perfect time to get an up close view of many of these sights. After a nice stroll through the neighborhoods, we ended up at Dodge City Brewing just in time for lunch.

We want to thank the Dodge City CVB for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own.

the brewing equipment at Dodge City Brewing sits idle on Saturday.

Opening Time

Our arrival occurred just as they were opening, so they weren’t brewing during our visit. Dodge City Brewing is the first craft brewery in southwest Kansas. They offer a nice selection of their own creations, as well as serving up a few from other Kansas breweries. The owner is an award-winning home brewer who decided to take his craft to a larger scale.

The roomy interior offers plenty of seating.

Even though the doors had just opened, it didn’t take long for others to start arriving. By the end of our visit, the place would be almost full. It’s clearly a popular place with the locals. The open and airy feel of the dining area is brightened by the large bank of windows on two sides of the room. With plenty of seating available, this place would make a great party site.

Draws can be purchased in full, half or sample size.

Sampling the Goods

During our visit they had around 10 brews on the menu. This will rotate, and will include at least a couple of the guests brews. Guests can order a full pour, half pour or even a sample, if they want to test it out first. This is a great option, especially for those of us who aren’t familiar with craft brews. I was excited to see a hard cider on the menu and ordered a pour. The sounds of the Tenderfoot Raspberry Sour also tickled my fancy, so I got a sample size draw. This brew has loads of raspberry flavoring popping out and made for a delicious drink.

The wood fired oven cooks pizzas to perfection.

While we were picking our drinks, we also went ahead and ordered our meal. Dodge City Brewing offers oven fired pizzas with an Old West style crust. Now we had never heard of this type, so we got a little clarification on it. The dough is hand stretched, which gives a good crispness to the final product. We liked the sound of that. They usually will have eight or nine pie choices on the menu to choose from, so you should be able to find a combination that suits everyone.

The authors pizza is only visible for a short period of time, before they devour it.

Digging In

The owners attend training at a pizza school in New York, so we expected good results and were not disappointed. The bubbly crust had a nice crisp and the toppings were plentiful and delicious. During our visit we got to see just about every pizza combination they offer. I spoke with some locals about their dining experience, and found that most were regulars. The common theme was that they come for the food and stay for the brews. A mighty fine combination of flavors. Be sure to drop into Dodge City Brewing when you make your visit to Dodge City Days.

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