Making A Run For Bricktown

It never ceases to amaze us how each downtown has its own unique flavor. In Oklahoma City, we discovered their urban environment is experiencing a continued resurgence. An assortment of neighborhoods are included in this revitalization and we tried our best to touch as many as possible. Our stop in Bricktown gave us an opportunity to check out one of the main draws of the city. With dozens of restaurants, shops, bars, and attractions this district is a hub for visitors and locals alike.

We want to thank the Visit Oklahoma City for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own.

There are plenty of dining options at the Bricktown area in Oklahoma City.

From Sweet to Savory

Almost forty dining establishments call the Bricktown home. This means that there is probably a cuisine that will appeal to everyone in your group. As we strolled the area, we saw burgers, barbecue, pizza, steaks, and tons of other dining options. If you aren’t hungry for dinner you can still find plenty of nibbles. We popped in the Bricktown Candy Company looking for a sweet treat. Later we noticed that we could have also chosen cupcakes or ice cream. Needless to say, you shouldn’t walk away hungry from this area.

A stroll along the Bricktown canal leads past plenty of entertainment options.

Entertainment Options

Bricktown has plenty of entertainment venues to occupy a day or two. We didn’t stop in, but noticed that the American Banjo Museum is located here. As we walked around, we saw carloads of fans heading into the Chickasaw Ballpark to watch an Oklahoma City Dodgers ballgame. We will have to keep this in mind for our next visit. Maybe we can catch a game. On the southern edge of this district is Riversport Adventures, which we had plans to attend the following day. (You can read about Riversport here.) This evening we chose to stroll the walkway that follows the canal. The easy to traverse paved pathway is perfect for an evening walk, especially to burn off some delicious food we found in Oklahoma City.

The 1889 Land Run in Oklahoma is commemorated in sculpture.

Making a Run For It

One of our goals for the evening was to check out the Oklahoma Land Run sculptures. For those familiar with Oklahoma history, the sculptures commemorate the 1889 land rush. During this event, new settlers could claim up to 160 acres of land with the stipulation that they lived on it for a set amount of years. There were actually seven land runs total in Oklahoma territory.

The detail captured in the sculptures is amazing.

The sculptures represent a series of boomers who were rushing from the start line to claim their homestead. As we walked around the installation, we were amazed at the detail in each piece. It seemed like every time we revisited a piece we would see something new. I would imagine it would take a years worth of visits to really get a good look at all of them. Some sculptures even run down to the waterside and across. It is easy to imagine the fervor that accompanied this fantastic historical event.

A Sooner statue highlights the people who jumped the gun to get their claim.

We made our way around the farthest southern point of the walk and noticed a single statue huddled in a treed area. Upon closer examination, this one represented the “Sooners” who snuck out to get a jump on their claim. They were also referred to as “moonshiners”, since many made their move under the cover of nightfall.

A Bricktown Water Taxi takes visitors on a guided tour of Bricktown.

I’m On A Boat

With our walk completed, we decided to see the area from a different perspective. We had seen plenty of the Bricktown Water Taxis cruising the canal during our walk. Now it was our turn to experience one of these narrated tours. Our guide steered us along the canal relating stories of the area’s development. We found it to be a fun way to hear details about how the district came to be and the changes that have occurred over the past few decades. Everyone on the boat seemed to enjoy the cruise and shared personal tidbits about their experiences in the area. It was obvious that this attraction is popular with the locals.

The authors pose for a selfies across from a waterfall.

After our cruise, we continued our stroll along the canal. The area is so peaceful that it’s easy to see why it is such an appealing draw for so many. As we walked, we passed diners enjoying drinks and dinner on outdoor patios. Unfortunately, we had already eaten or this would have been a delightful way to enjoy a relaxed meal. We will certainly remember this for our next visit, as well. We could easily spend a three-day weekend just in the Brickyard and still probably not visit every place. Of course, that is a challenge we would be willing to accept. Have you ever cruised the Bricktown canal?

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