A meal for two can be assembled with burgers, fries and satisfaction.

Burgers, Fries and Satisfaction At The Snack Shack

With all the restaurant options out there, we still enjoy a good old burger joint every so often. These days it seems to get harder and harder to find these stops, as everybody wants to make gourmet burgers. On a visit to downtown Overland Park, we dropped by The Snack Shack on Santa Fe to see what they have to offer. Located at 8039 Santa Fe Drive, the family-owned burger shack has made quite a name for itself. This evening we were in for some burgers, fries, and satisfaction.

Looks Quiet

When we arrived, we noticed that there were quite a few people enjoying the weather in an outdoor courtyard next to the restaurant. As we approached, we realized that this is actually additional seating for The Snack Shack. In front of the store, there are a couple bistro-style tables, but these were unoccupied. Although the parking spots were all filled, it didn’t seem to be too busy.

The tight space at The Snack Shack on Santa Fe can become filled with hungry diners on any given day.

We Found the Crowd

Once we entered the restaurant, we discovered that the crowd was already inside. It looks like we were late to the party. The menu is fairly straightforward and orders are placed at the counter, before finding seating. While they do offer hot dogs and pork tenderloins, it was clear what most people come here to eat. From the looks of the diners who were already engrossed with their meals, burgers, fries and satisfaction are the mainstays of the menu. We placed our orders and found a couple of chairs along the back wall. Seating space is galley style with a single corridor to pass through.

A quarter pound burger is topped with mushrooms and Swiss cheese to create a delectable dish.

‘Shroom Me

Their online menu does not encompass many of the specialty burgers that they offer. These will be discovered as you wait in line to order. The quarter-pound patties can be stacked to produce a double if desired. We chose to stick with the original plan and make it up with fixings. I chose the Mushroom-Swiss Burger, which is one of my favorite flavor combinations. It comes with plenty of plump mushroom slices and rests on a toasted bun. Quite delicious.

A burger basket offers a combination of onion rings and fries to accompany the quarter pound main dish.

Burgers, Fries, and Satisfaction

Crystal went more traditional and added grilled onions and American cheese to her burger. We decided to split a basket of rings and fries. The onion rings are definitely crispy and are coated with what appears to be a cornmeal based mixture. It certainly imparted a unique taste to this side, and we really liked them. (Note to self: order more next time.) The fries are shoestring style and have a good bite to them. Overall, we were quite pleased with our meal. As we dined, we noticed that they also offer ice cream treats, but we had other plans for dessert that evening.

The authors pose for a selfie after a meal filled with burgers, fries and satisfaction.

Old Fashioned Goodness is Alive and Well

Our visit to The Snack Shack on Santa Fe proved once again that good old burger joints can still be found peppered around the metro. (Here’s one we found in North KC) This discovery has renewed our dedication to uncovering more family-friendly dining options. We’d love to hear where you go for burgers, fries, and satisfaction. Drop us a note below with some of your favorites and we will try to check them out for ourselves. Thanks!

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4 thoughts on “Burgers, Fries and Satisfaction At The Snack Shack”

  1. The Snack Shack is my favorite burger joint in town. There are a few others that are worthwhile as well. LCs up by Zona Rosa. Tays is pretty good, Big Bamd is worth a try. One place on my radar that I haven’t been yet is Burger State which is around 89th and Wornall. There are some out in Independence as well, but a bit too far for me to drive, when my fav (Snack Shack) is so much closer

  2. We have eaten at this location when other restaurants were located here. A return visit is definitely in order. My oldest son lived at 79th and Foster when we first discovered this and the farmer’s market.

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