Into the Woods was a fun live theater production we witnessed in Lindsborg, Kansas.

Dinner and a Show Under The Stars

For many of us married folk, dinner and a show is the makings of a great date night. Even when we are on a blogging excursion, we try to make sure our activities are good options for other couples or families. When we planned out our Lindsborg visit, they surprised us with the addition of an evening of drama under the stars. This was certainly an excellent way to spend time mingling with the locals. 

We want to thank Visit Lindsborg and The Brickhouse Grill for their hospitality. Rest assured all opinions are our own.

A delectable pizza pie was the perfect start of dinner and a show.

Puffy Pizza

With an evening of outdoor entertainment on our schedule, we knew we needed a meal that would stick with you. For us, pizza is one of those types of dishes. Asking around town, many of the locals pointed us toward The Brickhouse Grill. The restaurant is located inside a remodeled filling station, which is something we are used to in Kansas City. (Here’s a gas station turned BBQ restaurant in Lee’s Summit.) The hand-tossed pie came with a fluffy crust and delectable flavor. We devoured every bite and knew we would be satisfied for quite a while. Our dinner and a show had started right.

The orchestra adds musical accents to a performance of Into the Woods.

Local Life

After dinner, we popped into the local grocery store to pick up some Swedish treats. (Think Swedish fish, Nordic chocolate mints, salty licorice, and ginger cookies) A member of the local tourism bureau had arranged to bring a couple of lawn chairs for us to use, so we wanted to bring the snacks. When we arrived at the local city park, we found the crowd was already assembling. It was obvious that this was mostly made up of locals, so it gave us a great chance to mingle. We found our hostess, and her daughters and all settled in for the evening’s entertainment. While the orchestra warmed up, we broke out the Swedish treats. Dinner and a show are even better with a steady supply of sweet treats.

A familiar cast of characters make up the story behind Into the Woods.

Familiar Cast of Characters

The evening’s show was titled Into The Woods. It’s a delightful tale that includes a familiar cast of storybook characters. The main focus is the Baker and his wife, who are desperate to have a child. Making a questionable arrangement, with a local witch, leads to a string of interesting, and sometimes hilarious adventures. Soon the couple was interacting with Jack and his cow, Cinderella, and her step-sisters, and Red Riding Hood and an evil wolf. A few other recognizable characters helped round out the show’s cast.

Local actors play their parts during a live theater show.

Dramatic Twists

With a witch’s curse to break, the couple faces a series of challenges but learns many valuable lessons along the way. They also bond with their new friends and find camaraderie in the most unexpected places. Just when it seems that everyone’s wishes had come true, an unexpected twist rises up to bring disastrous consequences. The story was well written, and the entire cast gave professional performances. By the end of the show, they had the crowd on their feet for a rousing standing ovation.

The authors pose for a selfie after dinner and a show in Lindsborg, Kansas.

Dinner and a Show

Our day in Lindsborg had been jammed packed with activities, and the Broadway RFD show had been a great ending. During the intermission, we had a chance to speak with some of the locals, who were very welcoming. It was clear that they knew why we were visiting and just wanted to make sure we had a pleasant experience. Obviously, they are proud of their community, and for good reason. Little Sweden USA has so much to offer visitors, and our dinner and a show was a special treat. We thanked our hostess, and her daughters, for their hospitality. The starry sky lit up our path to our lodging and reminded us of the enchanting show we had just witnessed. Now it was time for bed, and a chance to recharge for another day of exploration.

the authors signatures.

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