The Farmhouse is a great Kansas City restaurant for us to be getting our brunch on.

Getting Our Brunch On At The Farmhouse

A visit to City Market, in downtown Kansas City, offers a chance to hang with the locals. It is also the place to find locally produced fruits and vegetables, as well as other cooking ingredients. With all of this freshness so close, it’s no wonder that the restaurants in the neighborhood are so popular. While we have sampled a few of them, it seems like there are always more and more that we need to try. In an effort to remedy this shortcoming, we picked a beautiful Sunday morning to visit The Farmhouse, at 300 Delaware Street. This was a perfect opportunity to be getting our brunch on in this historic section of our hometown.

Summer is the perfect season for a Sunday morning visit to the City Market District in Kansas City.

Soaking Up The Sun

When we arrived, the staff informed us that we had a few minutes to wait. We took it as a good sign since it meant that it was a popular destination. The morning sunshine was very inviting, especially since we had a recent string of gloomy days. This was a good chance to soak up some vitamin D, before getting our brunch on. As a streetcar passed by, it drew our attention to the other end of the block. Tribe Street Kitchen, another good brunch option, sits down there. (You can read about Tribe here.)

The interior of The Farmhouse has plenty of casual seating options.

Shady Seating

Before long they called us in and led us to our table. We had opted for the first choice and knew that meant we had a chance of dining on the outdoor patio. As luck would have it, our table was located on the inside, but we knew we would get more sunshine with our visit to the City Market. There is something relaxing about a Sunday brunch, and we could feel that vibe all through the restaurant. Casual conversations were taking place at every table. This was definitely a “sip some coffee” and chill zone.

When we are getting our brunch on the table can become filled with a variety of drink options.

Getting Our Brunch On

Speaking of coffee, you know we had to sample the go-go juice at The Farmhouse. Any time we are getting our brunch on, it is a chance to extend our coffee drinking hours a little further into the day. A carafe of their French press version hit the spot and is served with some fresh cream and raw sugar. Those looking for something with a little more punch, how about a Paloma? This citrusy cocktail is made with grapefruit juice and tequila. A nice way to round out the end of the summer season.

Getting our brunch on included a dish of the Corned Beef Hash.

Hashing It Up

With our drinks on the deck, it was time to dine. I had ordered the Frittata of the Day (pictured at the top of the page). Served with fresh greens and fried potatoes, it packed plenty of flavors. Our daughter decided to go with the Corned Beef Hash. This one-bowl dish is packed with squash, onions, peppers, and potatoes, as well as their delicious corned beef. Two eggs add to the protein and are laid on top of the cheddar cheese and cream sauce coated base. I tasted a bite and found the flavor blend to be delightful.

The Peach Pancakes are a delectable seasonal offering at The Farmhouse.

A Peachy Treat

Crystal never made it past the seasonal specialty menu. Once her sight fell on the Peach Pancakes, she was hooked. This was no surprise to her tablemates, since she is a sucker for fruit loaded hotcakes. These included some peach-infused butter and a serving of warm maple syrup. A few slices of bacon added the protein she would need for our exploration of the City Market.

The authors are joined by their daughter for an opportunity to get their brunch on at The Farmhouse.

To Market, To Market

With another successful example of getting our brunch on under our belt, we were ready to continue our day of exploring. The Farmhouse sits on the streetcar route, so it is easy to access from various parts of Kansas City. Sitting just a couple of short blocks from the City Market gives it access to all of those fresh ingredients. It seems like this restaurant has found the perfect location to serve residents and visitors alike. Have you ever sampled the cuisine at The Farmhouse?

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