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Dockside Dining At White River Fish House

Our most recent visit to Branson, Missouri was scheduled to see some of the Christmas season attractions. After the four hour drive from Kansas City, we were ready for lunch at White River Fish House. First we stopped by our hotel to drop off our things, and park our car. It was nice staying in the downtown area, as it allowed us to be within walking distance of many shops and restaurants. Once we were settled, we took off for Branson Landing, which was only a couple of blocks from our lodging. (You can read about our lodging choice here>)
We want to thank the White River Fish House for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own.

The interior of the White River Fish House is adorned with memorabilia familiar to fishermen.

Riverfront Dining

The White River Fish House is actually an oversized barge that is tethered to the shore. It is designed to look like an old fishing lodge. Around the exterior is a walkway that widens in places for seating. It also features a pier for boaters to dock, while they stop in for refreshments. Once inside, the fishing theme continues throughout the interior. Assorted boats, including “johnboats” which may have originated in this area, are hung from the ceiling. At the far end is a large stone flanked fireplace with large windows on either side, which offer wonderful views of the water. The seating is an assortment of booths and tables with plenty of room for large parties. The feel is casual, as would be expected with a fishing lodge.

Our meal started with a pan of Jalapeno Cornbread served with house whipped butter.

Sweet Beginnings

After being seated, we started our meal with some of their signature Jalapeno Cornbread. This sweet appetizer is served up in a cast iron skillet. The bread may have some bits of jalapeno incorporated, but it doesn’t pack any real heat. On the contrary, it is rather addicting, and I couldn’t stop eating it, even though I suspected the main dishes would be substantial.

Maple Glazed Salmon is a tasty dish available at White River Fish House in Branson. Missouri.

White River Fish House Knows Fish

The menu at White River Fish House is not limited to seafood and freshwater fish. There are a handful of meat options, as well as burgers and sandwiches. Of course, we believe it is always best to stick to the specialties of the house, since they are the most practiced. Crystal chose the Maple Glazed Salmon, which is grilled and topped with a house-made pecan butter. For her sides, she decided on the green beans and sweet potato tater tots. Crystal will be the first to admit she is not a big fish lover, but the combination of the maple glaze and pecan butter made the dish quite appealing. To top it off, she loved the tater tots, which had a nice crispiness to the bite. (I might have tested one or two for the article.)

A plate of Grouper with Crab meat is light and delicious.

Delicious Sea Dwellers

I selected the Grouper with Crab-meat, and picked the green beans for my vegetable, as well. I chose the rice pilaf for my starch, which had a nice flavor of the portabella mushrooms that were incorporated in the dish. The fish filet was so delicate and tender that it almost melted in my mouth. The crab-meat topper added another layer of flavor, which really compliments the meal. We were both pleased with our choices, and enjoyed them to our fill. While the White River Fish House may be located within the area of an outdoor mall, the entire experience felt like we were dining out in the country. It certainly opened our eyes, and appetites to adding more fish restaurants to our future plans.

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