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Blue Bird Bistro Offers Local Flavors

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When we are preparing for a day of exploring, we like to start with a solid meal, that must include coffee. While we enjoy a good eggs and meat meal as much as anyone, we also like to test out new dishes when possible. Our visit to Blue Bird Bistro, at 1700 Summit Street in Kansas City, Missouri offered us a chance to do just that.

The gold door marks the entrance to the Blue Bird Bistro in Kansas City.

Local Flavors at Blue Bird Bistro

The Blue Bird Bistro is located on a ridge that runs between the West Bottoms and the Crossroads districts. This area is especially popular during First Friday weekends, so we visited during an off weekend. Our hope was to avoid an extended wait to dine, since we had scheduled appointments later that morning. We arrived around 9:00 am, and were able to find a nearby parking spot. Be aware that parking in this area is mainly curbside, so you may have to look a bit during busier hours.

The interior offer bistro style seating.

We had no preconceived ideas about this place, since it had just appeared on our radar the prior day. Both of us were excited to see what this all-natural, organic, local restaurant would have to offer. The interior dining area is split in two sections, but being early allowed us a table in the front. This portion is dotted with tables and half-booths, as well as a counter portion served by stools. The back room is filled with more tables, and looks like they could be arranged to handle larger parties. We were seated at a two person table, which allowed a great view of any and all activity.

The Fancy Cakes are made with fresh seasonal ingredients like granola, sweet potato, and nuts.

Farm to Table Eats

Our server was quick to bring us some coffee, while we reviewed the menu. Blue Bird Bistro posts their menu online, but we were informed that it can change depending on what ingredients are available. Being locally sourced can create additional challenges, but it usually provides for more flavorful dishes. One of the menu items that has a lot of variation are the Fancy Cakes. These are their take on pancakes, and can come with some unique ingredient combinations. Crystal heard that these were a Fall version, and decided to go with them. They were made with an organic pancake  batter sprinkled with nuts, granola and sweet potato. Served with a dollop of butter and some pure maple syrup, she was set for a new flavor experience. These cakes ended up being a huge hit with her, and she raved about them for quite some time.

Eggs Benedict comes in a variety of flavor combinations at Blue Bird Bistro.

Seeing Crystal experimenting gave me the urge to step away from my usual omelet choice. The Blue Bird Bistro has a handful of Benedict’s to choose from, and I decided to sample the 17th Street Benedict. The dish is composed of a toasted English muffin topped with local greens, onion, mushrooms, capers, and some feta cheese. This assembly is capped with a poached locally sourced egg, and doused with hollandaise sauce. I chose to stick to a half order, as I saw that it was served with their house potatoes. The dish was filled with an enjoyable blend of flavors. The saltiness of the capers was enough to season the dish, and the feta cheese added a delightful tang to the dish. Like Crystal, I ended up being a fan of a new breakfast menu item. I may even be tempted to test out their Meatloaf or Salmon Benedict’s in the future. The fresh and flavorful menu options have certainly created a couple of new fans. How many of you have tasted the flavors at Blue Bird Bistro? Tell us some of your favorite dishes.

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