An open dining space is bright and cheerful at Summit Grill.

Dressing Up Brunch – Summit Grill

How many of you are ready to get back to some sort of normal life? Crystal and I love to visit new restaurant destinations, but this “curbside only” situation is putting a damper on our exploration. Fortunately, we have a good backlog of places we had already visited, so we can keep supplying some new ideas for you to sample after we get out of lock-down. Our daughter lives in the Northland, which has allowed us a new frontier to explore. On a recent visit, we discovered the newest location of Summit Grill had been opened at 501 NE 70th Street. Visiting at midday on the weekend allowed us to see how they are dressing up brunch for the locals in Gladstone.

Families gather for socializing in the upscale, casual dining room at Summit grill.

Upscale Casual Atmosphere

This newest addition to the Summit Grill family offers a couple of seating areas. Ours ended up being in the large open area that includes the bar. We noticed that the menu mentions a daily Happy Hour, which we will certainly plan to enjoy in the future. Heavy wood tables and chairs blend with the leather booth backs to add to the upscale vibe. The open floor plan and bright space is inviting and we found ourselves enjoying a casual conversation. The designers did a good job of making the space comfortable.

The biscuits and gravy are receiving special attention as they are dressing up brunch at Summit Grill.

Buttermilk Biscuits & Gravy

Our visit was timed for close to opening, so we were a little surprised to see so many people already inside. The hostess seated us in the main dining area, which was not as busy. Being close to midday, we were all eager to see how they are dressing up brunch with some interesting dishes. Our daughter was joining us for this excursion. She has had more dining experience at Summit Grill, so she was able to make some recommendations.

Her choice was to stay toward the breakfast side of brunch. The Buttermilk Biscuits and Gravy looked to be a fantastic choice and comes with the additional protein of two eggs. Summit’s Fresh baked biscuits pair well with the creamy sausage gravy. I know this because I stole a bite of it to see for myself.

Summit Grill is dressing up brunch with a delightful serving of quiche.

Cheesy Quiche

Crystal’s choice was to follow suit and order toward the breakfast side. I say this knowing that she would order quiche any time of day if the mood strikes her. In fact, I can think back to a lunch where she ordered up this dish at a French restaurant in Parkville. The Ham & Spinach Quiche at Summit Grill is filled with flavor, which is enveloped in a light pastry shell. A drizzle of cheese sauce adds a touch of tang to the taste. Since this dish has plenty in the way of protein, her side was a small salad. She appeared to be quite pleased with her selection, so I skipped tasting it.

The Ultimate Grilled Cheese sandwich is a good example of how Summit Grill is dressing up brunch.

“Ultimate” Grilled Cheese

With all of these breakfast style dishes floating around the table, I felt a need to bring something in a different vein. If you are going to be dressing up brunch, it should include something from the savory and hearty side of the menu. Growing up, one of my all-time favorite sandwiches had always been grilled cheese. It is hard to top the taste and texture of this gooey handheld. As adults, we have learned to put our own spin on this childhood classic. With so many different cheeses and types of bread available, it’s easy to add your own flair.

Summit Grill has done just that, and I am in love with it. “The Ultimate” Grilled Cheese is a hearty combination of braised beef and five kinds of cheese that blend marvelously. The addition of their tangy horseradish cream provides a little kick to the dish. This was my second time ordering this meal and I have been thoroughly impressed both times. It even serves up well as warmed-up leftovers the next day. A heaping helping of their thin-cut fries makes a good side.

The authors pause to reflect on their brunch meal at Summit Grill in Gladstone, Missouri.

Dressing Up Brunch

With Summit Grill so close to our daughter’s residence, it has become a go-to stop for us. Whether enjoying an easy dinner, hearty Happy Hour, or a casual snack, we have found them to offer consistent quality. This visit introduced us to the way they are dressing up brunch and we liked the extended menu options. With the combination of delicious dishes and pleasant service, we are sure they will thrive in their new home up north. We are looking forward to exploring more of their menu items over the coming months and hope that you have an opportunity to do so, as well. If you are already a Summit Grill fan, tell us about your favorite dishes in the comment section below. We’d love to hear some great pointers. Thanks!

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