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Eclectic Charm At You Say Tomato

Our visit to You Say Tomato was proof that you should never judge a restaurant by its exterior. We were looking for a breakfast spot close to Crown Center, and being situated at 2801 Holmes made it quite convenient. This place was suggested by some readers, and we have found these tips to be quite useful. I had looked at the menu, found some interesting dishes, and made the decision to give them a shot. Little did we know what pleasant surprises were awaiting our discovery.

You Say Tomato is an eclectic restaurant housed in a converted neighborhood grocery store.

Re-purposed Store

When we pulled up in front of the restaurant we were immediately reminded of an old corner marketplace. Stepping through the door, we were transformed back in time to our youth, when these types of shops were more commonplace. Of course, that was back before the addition of all of the ‘big box” grocery stores that blanket the landscape. The quaint homey feeling was our first signal that this place would provide a relaxed, comforting experience. The seating is an eclectic collection of tables and chairs, which added to the charm. The place was busy, and almost all of the places were taken. We found a cute green tabletop to claim for our own.

Scrumptious cakes and pies tempt customers from under glass covered plates.

Time To Order

We made our way toward the back of the store (It is kind of a store/restaurant combo.) to place our order. A discussion with a staff member helped us better understand the menu. We placed our coffee and meal orders, and made our way back to our table to await their delivery. I made note of the delicious cakes and pies that they offer, even though we wouldn’t be having any this morning. I like to keep this information tucked away in case we make a lunch time visit. Along one wall of the store we found a small assortment of grocery items, since this place plays double duty. It makes the time waiting for our meals a little more interesting.

You Say Tomato offers hot cups of coffee inspired drinks to enjoy in-store or to go.

Have It Your Way

When we ordered our coffee, I knew that I would not finish mine while we dined. (I had a couple cups under my belt already.) I got mine to go, while Crystal decided that she would finish hers off with no problems. It’s nice to have this option. With these delivered, we just had a short wait for our meals.

A sweet serving of French Toast is accompanied by a bowl of fresh fruit and a hot cup of latte.

Sweet Starts

Crystal decided to go with a sweet dish, and the French Toast sounded like a perfect choice. The golden slices were complimented by the sweet crumbles and rich maple syrup. A dish of fresh berries added a nice touch to her meal, and she even let me have some bites.

A slice of Bacon-Mushroom Quiche is a protein filled delicious dish, which is sure to sustain you for hours.

Protein To Last

I knew the sweet side had been covered, so I went with a savory selection. The quiche ingredients change based on what is seasonable and available. This version included bacon, peppers, and mushrooms. The dense baked egg mixture was delicious, and quenched my hunger for quite a long time. Our meal choices were perfect for a day of exploring, and You Say Tomato was the first important discovery of the day. Since they alter their menu quite frequently, this looks like a place we will have to return to on a regular basis. What is the best dish you have ever had at You Say Tomato?

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