Flatbread pizza.

Enjoying Happy Hour at Paulo and Bill

We love a good Happy Hour, and are always searching for new places. A visit to Paulo and Bill, located at 16501 Midland Drive in Shawnee, was an opportunity to check out their specialty menu. We hadn’t been to this location in quite some time, so we were eager to see what changes had taken place.

Interior of Paulo and Bill restaurant.

Social Sipping

Happy Hour at Paulo and Bill runs from 3:00 to 6:00, so it gave us ample time to relax and enjoy our early dinner. The restaurant’s bar has an assortment of high-tops and normal tables. Our visit was on a Friday evening, so the place was fairly busy. Even with that, we were promptly seated. Our high-top table was close to the bar, so it afforded us a good view for people watching. We started our visit by focusing on the drink menu. Our server stopped by to check on us, and had the same look we see at a lot of places when you are carrying a camera. After explaining why we were there, it seemed to ease her concern. Of course, it never fails that word gets around, and we get a lot of side glances from various staff members. Fortunately, we have gotten used to this.

Happy Hour drinks.

The drink menu at Paulo and Bill has a handful assortment of beers, and wines by the glass. They also offer a decent number of specialty cocktails. This is where we concentrated. Crystal chose the Lemonade in Paradise, which has a lemon and coconut flavor. I was intrigued by the Sweetart drink description, so I ordered one. While it has a good mix of sweet and sour, it didn’t really taste like a Sweetart. At $8.00 per dink, the prices are not that low. Of course, they are down a dollar from our last visit, so that was a positive.

Happy Hour - Kansas City restaurants - Flatbread pizza - Paulo & Bill

Good Eats at Paulo and Bill

This was a Friday evening, so that means “date night”. Yes, we still do research during our dates, because we wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to share a new find with all of you. For our early dinner, we decided to each pick a flatbread pizza. Crystal chose their Caprese (pictured at top of article), which came with the standard cheese, basil, and tomato. We sometimes see this called a Margherita, to represent the colors of the Italian flag. At Paulo and Bill you can jazz it up with the addition of caramelized onions. It certainly added another layer to the flavors, and made a nice addition.

I opted for the Bacon-Cranberry flatbread. We were surprised to see they use full strips of bacon as toppings. It also has plenty of diced dried cranberries, which adds a touch of sweetness to the salty undertones of the meat. The crusts were thin, but not too crackery, so it held up well to the toppings. We munched on these, as we visited and people-watched. Both pizzas were delicious, and soon disappeared. By the end, our appetites were completely satisfied, and we were content in knowing we had another great Happy Hour location to add to our list. Now it was time to put the camera away, and continue with date night.


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