Frank's Italian Restaurant has been serving diners since 1931, in their intimate Parkville, Missouri location.

Frank’s Italian Restaurant – Cozy Parkville Dining

There is certainly something to be said for longevity. When we saw that Frank’s Italian Restaurant had been in the same Parkville, Missouri location since 1931, it sparked our interest for a visit. While we were sure that the ownership has definitely changed hands, the fact that the business has survived, speaks volumes for customer loyalty. We dropped into Parkville on a Friday evening for a little miniature golf, followed by a quiet dinner for two.

We want to thank Main Street Parkville and Frank’s Italian Restaurant for their hospitality. Rest assured all opinions are our own. 

A fresh house salad is a great start when combined with fresh baked bread.

Going Green

Frank’s Italian Restaurant offers a couple seating options. We noticed a couple of groups dining at the outdoor patio. By the time we finished our mini-golf, the temperatures were beginning to drop. It seems like the winter was refusing to release its grip on Kansas City. We decided to dine indoors, which is a more cozy and intimate arrangement. Frank’s is popular enough that we learned we should have put in reservations. Oh well, the wait wasn’t very long and we were able to people watch the shoppers along Parkville’s Main Street. We also had time to research the menu, so we were prepared to order when they seated us. First up was a round of house salads to whet our appetites. A loaf of freshly baked bread made the perfect accompaniment.

The Italian Combo serves up three of the most popular menu items.

Trio of Tastes

We had decided to sample some of the desserts, so we knew to be selective on our entree order. When we spotted the Italian Combo, we knew it would offer us a sampling of flavors from the base menu. The dish includes one of their popular Lasagna Rolls, which is stuffed with three cheeses. A hefty sized meatball joined the roll, and both were served with the Sugo sauce that is a house specialty at Frank’s Italian Restaurant. Rounding out the trio was a hearty serving of Fettuccine con Pollo, which was coated with a delicious Alfredo sauce and included chunks of grilled chicken. This meal ended up being the perfect portion size for the two of us, while leaving room for a sweet wrap-up.

Dessert options are serious business at Frank's Italian Restaurant.

Dessert Time

It has been said that you should eat dessert first, so you don’t run out of room. While that may make sense to some, we prefer ours to be the sweet ending to a complete experience. Continuing on our theme of variety, we each chose a different dessert to split. Crystal is a long-time Cannelloni lover and Frank’s did not disappoint. Stuffed with a sweet, creamy filling, they add chopped pistachios on the end to kick up the crunch factor. A raspberry drizzle sends this dish over the top for flavor and plate presentation. I preferred to go old school with the Tiramisu. This dreamy dessert was awash with the coffee flavor I was anticipating.

The authors enjoy a quick selfie at Frank's Italian Restaurant.

Passing the Test

Like too many other restaurant visits, we finished our meal stuffed to the gills. Frank’s Italian Restaurant had supplied the cozy, quaint experience we had hoped for. We found the staff to be helpful and friendly, without hovering. It was clear that the ideals that this business were based upon in 1931, still carried through to today. Being a hometown dining option that delivers a pleasant experience is a business model that will keep them going for many more years. This is one to add to your Friday “date night” list, although we did see families enjoying the space, as well. Have you ever dined at Frank’s Italian Restaurant? If so, tell us about your favorite dish?

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