The Shack had us at Bacon, but also providedfunny names and fantastic food.

Funny Names And Flavorful Food – The Shack

What draws you to a new restaurant? Over the past three years we have written articles for around 50 restaurants in the Kansas City metro. When you add in all of the other cities that number jumps to nearly 200 articles. Prior to starting this website, I hosted a restaurant blog that featured many more. I guess the point I’m trying to make is that we have dined at a lot of restaurants. These days many of the places we showcase are recommended by our readers. Periodically, I will happen upon a place that has a ton of intrigue and we just have to make a visit. That is exactly what happened with The Shack, at 7218 College Boulevard. Their menu touts funny names and flavorful food items that we just had to check out for ourselves.

Our visit to The Shack provided funny names and fantastic food options, as well as entertaining decor.

Fun Vibe

With a mantra of ” We Put the GOOD in Good Morning”, we had elevated expectations for The Shack. The addition of “social distancing” has limited the number of customers allowed in the restaurant at one time. This caused a bit of a lag, but we were happy to enjoy a little relaxed time before breakfast. While we waited a surprise greeted us in the form of one of our Instagram connections. It’s still amazing when people recognize us from our photos on social media. It also reminds us that we are never the first to try a new place, and many of you have laid the groundwork that allows us to have fantastic visits.

The colorful interior helps add to the fun vibe.

Hopping Hangout

Once our turn arrived, we were seated in the dining room. The Shack also offers patio seating, but we wanted to experience the full vibe of the place. Colorful signage is complimented with interesting decor pieces. The walls are almost entirely covered in handwritten signatures and memos left by previous customers. This is something we would add our logo to prior to our departure. Looking around the restaurant, it became apparent that this place attracts an energized crowd. This was a positive sign that the funny names and fantastic food was more than just a promise. With some piping hot coffee to sip on, we began our headfirst dive into the menu.

Why the French hate us is a good example of the funny names and fantastic food found at The Shack.

Funny Names and Flavorful Food

The Shack has a video on their website that gives a peek into how they name their dishes. It’s not scientific in the least, and is more a random experiment. This had led to a menu filled with funny names that guests have to figure out. Fortunately, many are obvious nods to cultural sayings, while others leave you scratching your head. My choice was labeled Why the French Hate Us, which was fairly easy to discern. It begins with a toasted croissant that is split open. They stuff it with two hefty sausage links and scrambled eggs. To make sure it goes down easy, they coat it with a helping of Shack sausage gravy and top this with cheddar cheese. In case you are still hungry, a serving of crispy hash browns also adorns the plate.

The dishes are loaded with plenty of flavor.

Prison Food?

On a bed of hash browns, they slap down a split biscuit that is topped with a fried chicken breast. Smother this grouping with some of their house-made gravy. Sprinkle it with cheddar cheese, before layering on a pair of eggs. What’s missing? Let’s garnish it with some chopped green onions for that POP of color. When they place it on the table, you are staring down a serving of If Tim & Biebs Went To Prison. This was Crystal’s choice and I can tell you it was delightful. This savory compilation of breakfast items work perfectly together and deliver another serving of funny names and flavorful food.

The authors enjoyed their morning of funny names and fantastic food at The Shack in Kansas City.

Taking It to The Shack

Our visit to The Shack had cemented our newfound love for funny named dishes. The owners have hit this one out of the park and their growing success proves it. Starting in the St. Louis region, they had a lot of dining options to contend with for name recognition. Their format worked, as they now have five restaurants in Missouri and are working on opening their third here in Kansas City. We can almost guarantee that if they keep serving their flavorful food, the line will snake its way out the door. Isn’t it time you checked out their funny names and flavorful food for yourself?

the authors signatures.

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