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Getting Unforked

Not too long ago, Sheridan’s (You know the custard people) launched Unforked. You may notice we rarely feature any restaurants that belong to a chain. Oh sometimes we may include one, if it stands out in some particular way. After quite a few people starting suggesting we visit Unforked, we finally decided it was time to test the waters. There are two locations, one at Crown Center, and the one we visited in Overland Park at 7337 W. 119th Street.

A spacious interior and comfortable seating make the interior of Unforked inviting.

Does Local Fast Food Exist?

The tagline for Unforked touts the use of locally source ingredients where possible. This intrigued us, as we believe the support of our small sized producers is key to a sustained economy. Most of us have or do visit local farmer’s markets. We do this because we can see, smell, and taste the difference in items that are sourced locally. This is why we usually seek out locally owned restaurants, as they are more likely to source from smaller scale producers. Now we are standing in a fast food type restaurant, reading about their commitment to these same principles.

Unforked - Kansas City Restaurant - Burgers - Fresh Food

Forked or Unforked?

The menu at Unforked is actually quite diverse. There is an assortment of tacos that have interesting names, and unique flavor combinations. Our visit was focused on the burgers, but we had the chance to spy some of the other creations. The tacos are quite pleasing to the eyes, and will certainly be on our watch list for a future visit. One that sounded especially tempting is the Surf and Turf. It combines shrimp and tri-tip steak, and tops them with roasted onions and poblano peppers. There are also varieties that feature chicken, pork or fish. For those wanting a meatless meal, they offer three taco versions, so you can switch it up. They also show three different quesadillas on the menu, but we didn’t see anyone order these during our visit.

The bacon cheeseburger at Unforked is so tempting, and pairs well with their crispy french fries.

Bring on the Beef

One of the people who had prompted our visit had gushed about the burgers. Obviously, I have a love for some good beef, and was hoping that this place would not disappoint. Crystal and I both chose the Pure Burger, which is made from Creekstone Black Angus beef. The standard toppings are lettuce and tomato, but you can also add on American cheese and Apple-wood smoked bacon. Not wanting to disappoint any of our readers, I added both to mine. After all, I felt the responsibility to truly test it all, and besides it sounded delicious.

The side dishes offered at Unforked include three kinds of fries, which we chose the standard ones on this visit. You can also have them topped with queso and bacon crumbles or tossed with truffle salt and parsley. Our meal selection ended up being perfect sized for our appetites. the burgers were delicious, and the toasted egg buns really add to the overall flavor. The fries soon disappeared, and a decision was made to add this Unchain restaurant to our “repeat visit” list. Next time I’m giving some of those tacos a test. If you have ever tasted them, let us know your thoughts. Thanks!

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  1. I work at Crown Center and eat at Unforked regularly. I have Celiac and I can get a cheeseburger on a GF bun and lots of other options- it’s great. The quality is very good and the prices reflect their high standards. They have seasonal menu items and beverages that keep things interesting.
    I ❤️ Unforked.

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