Getting chef inspired meals is easy at gg's Barbacoa Cafe.

Chef Inspired Cuisine – GG’s Barbacoa Cafe

How many times do we drive past a hole-in-the-wall destination without even noticing? If we are being honest with ourselves, this happens to us more than we like to admit. A prime example is a small restaurant that sits at 210 S. 7th Street, in Kansas City, Kansas. Home to GG’s Barbacoa Café, this diminutive diner hides the truth of the amazing dishes that can be found inside. A friend of ours clued us in on this hidden gem, and we could hardly wait to sample their plates. (Thank you Edgar Galicia for the solid advice!)

We want to thank GG’s Barbacoa Café for their hospitality. Rest assured all opinions are our own. 

We had passed by GG's Barbacoa Cafe many times, before finally stopping in to check out their chef inspired cuisine.

A Hidden Gem

When we mention hidden gems, sometimes they are in plain sight. Too often they blend into the landscape or sit in locations that make it difficult to observe. GG’s Barbacoa Café may be out in the open, but the approach to the restaurant can be a little unnerving. Situated on a busy thoroughfare, it’s easy to overlook. Although the owner has gone to great lengths to make it more noticeable.

The seating at GG's Barbacoa Cafe is tight, but creates a cozy, intimate feeling for diners.

Tight is Often Right

The term “hole-in-the-wall” certainly paints a visual of a cozy space. This is exactly what we found at GG’s Barbacoa Café. Our research had shown us photos of chef-inspired cuisine, but walking through the door made us wonder if we were in the right place. The place was full of customers when we arrived, but a small group was finishing up. Being locals, we knew one of them and chatted for a couple of minutes about this location. By the end of our conversation, we were pretty sure we would not be disappointed.

The Chicken Enchilada is a beautifully designed dish that incorporates fried eggs into the meal.

Pleasing Plates

The menu is comprised of a variety of photos positioned around the space. It may seem an unusual delivery, but it does have a nice benefit. For people who like to take photos of their food, (Always!) it helps us see what to expect. Crystal and I decided to divide and conquer a little of the menu. Her choice was the Enchiladas Casserolas. A delightful stack of flavorful chicken is topped with a corn tortilla and fried eggs. This is coated with salsa and sour cream, with the flair of chef-inspired cuisine. Sides of Spanish rice and refried beans round out this filling meal.

The Brisket Sandwich was just as delicious looking in person as it is in the picture on the menu.

Watch Out Kansas City

Our visit occurred at the beginning of a new Chiefs football season. By this time of year, I am always hankering for barbecue. With a menu filled with chef-inspired cuisine, I wanted to sample some of the smoked meat at GG’s Barbacoa Café. The picture of the Brisket Sandwich was too tempting to pass up. My concern was how well it would be replicated on my dish. No need to worry, it looked even better, when it was placed in front of me. While you eat first with your eyes, the food needs to be just as flavorful. I was not disappointed, as the sandwich was amazing.

An order of Fried Milk is a chef inspired cuisine dish at GG's Barbacoa Cafe, in Kansas City, Kansas.

Chef Inspired Cuisine

By the time we finished our dishes, we were stuffed. To our surprise, the owner, Gabriel Gonzalez, brought us out a plate of dessert. He wanted us to sample his signature dish, named Fried Milk. The creative design of the plate showed the chef-inspired style that he imparts on many of his dishes. It is impressive that, with the assistance of his wife, they create such a range of artistic plates in their limited space. As we gobbled up this unique dish, we enjoyed the mix of flavors and textures. By the end of our lunch, we knew that we would be back to sample more of the photo menu at GG’s Barbacoa Café. How many times do you pass by places like this and decide not to stop?

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