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Harvey’s – Our Historic Lunch Break

Our day at Union Station included visits to Science City, as well as the planetarium. With so much planned in one location, we didn’t want to leave the area just to grab a bite for lunch. Fortunately, there are some on-site dining options. The decision was made to check out Harvey’s, which sits squarely in the middle of the station lobby. (You can read more about Science City here.)

Kids of all ages get a kick from coloring on the paper tablecloths at Harvey's in Union Station.

Kids Of All Ages

This research visit was a little different for us, since we had some kids in tow. Being empty-nesters, we usually travel alone. After being seated, our server gave a packet of crayons to each of the children in our party. The tablecloth is a sheet of kraft paper, which makes a perfect palette for budding artists. While they created, I went through the children’s menu with them. Harvey’s has five meal options for kids, and each is $6.50 before tax. All of them chose cheeseburgers (big surprise), and continued with their coloring. The sandwiches are served in baskets with some fries. They were clearly satisfactory, since all three meals were devoured.

The Grilled Chicken Avocado Club was a huge hit with Crystal.

Big Kids Plates

The lunch menu at Harvey’s is fairly robust, but we both ended up settling on sandwiches. They seemed quick and simple, which worked well with our desire to get back to exploring. Crystal chose the Grilled Chicken & Avocado Club, which is made with a grilled chicken breast. This is topped with thick slab bacon slices, tomato, avocado, and a herb aioli. It is usually served with a slice of melted swiss cheese, but she opted to have it left off. For her side, she picked the french fries.

Torta de Puerco was a wild ride of flavors that kept Jeff coming back for more.

My selection was a little more unique, as I went with the Torta de Puerco. This massive sandwich is piled with three meats; shaved ham, chopped bacon, and a six-hour pork. These are topped with an assortment of accompaniments. It’s hard to pinpoint each flavor, as they meld together very well. The menu lists them as queso chihuahua, smashed avocado, black bean garlic & jalapeno spread, lettuce, and radish. I’m telling you that there was a lot going on with this sandwich, and it was a wonderful blend. At first I tried balancing it with my fries, but soon I realized that the starch was taking up too much space. I decided to focus on the sandwich, but eventually I had to give up with a few bites left. Our visit allowed us to recharge for our next adventure, without having to pull out of the station.

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Harvey's-Union Station-Kansas City-restaurant-dining-travel-boomer bloggers


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  1. Many years ago, this restaurant was known as Fred Harvey’s. Also, there was a theater on the second floor, we had season tickets.

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