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Historic Lodging In The Branson Hotel

Our most recent visit to Branson, Missouri will be one that we will remember for many years to come. This was our first trip during the Christmas season, and we were excited to see the sights. After the four hour drive from Kansas City, (We may have stopped along the way.) our first destination was The Branson Hotel. When I was researching lodging options, this place stood out above the rest. As we pulled in to one of the hotel’s parking spaces, we were anxious to see our home away from home.
We want to thank The Branson Hotel for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own.

The front porch of The Branson Hotel has plenty of comfortable seating for guests to use.

Historic Beginnings

The Branson Hotel was built in 1903, which was prior to Branson officially becoming a city. The location of the hotel is in the heart of the old downtown Branson, which made it perfect for a base camp location. Since our plans had us visiting the Branson Landing, we knew it was within walking distance. We went in to meet the staff, and were greeted by Lori Hartung, the general manager. She was so welcoming, which is a trait we found in all of the staff members. The hotel is an adults only lodging option, so we knew it would be a peaceful haven from the madness that can come with Branson traffic. After checking in, Lori showed us around the hotel, while giving us some background on the historic building.

The Notebook room is named in honor of the author of The Shepard of the Hills novel.

Our room was on the first floor, but we took the opportunity to head up to the second floor to see the balcony that overlooks the main street. From here we could watch the traffic and people flow into and out of downtown. Since the weather was a little brisk, we decided to make it a short stay on the balcony. As we were making our way back to our room, Lori pointed out The Notebook room. Those familiar with Branson will recognize the name Harold Bell Wright. The author of the famed novel “Shepard of the Hills” stayed in this room during part of the writing of his book. A massive restoration of the building was undertaken to add bathrooms to each guest room. (Not a common part of construction in 1903.)  After this was completed, the hotel was reopened with nine guest rooms. Each room is named, and have theme decorations. It really adds a nice touch to a stay at the hotel, and we have had many people ask which room we chose.

Each of the nine rooms in The Branson Hotel are named and decorated in a theme style.

Western Digs at The Branson Hotel

When we contacted the hotel they asked us which room we wanted for our stay. Our reply was to surprise us, and that they did. Since our visit to Branson included a stop at the Dixie Stampede the first evening, staying in the Horseshoe room was quite fitting. The Branson Hotel does not hand out keys to their guests. Instead, we selected a numerical code, which was keyed into the doors to the hotel, as well as our room. This allowed us to pass in and out without digging around for a pass card or key. A really nice option that we wish other lodging locations would incorporate. With our security code in place, we headed out to bring in our luggage. (We don’t travel light, even for just a two night stay.)

The Horseshoe room is decorated in a western theme.

Our room was furnished with a king size bed, and plenty of dresser and closet space for our items. A couch sat against the wall opposite the bed, which was perfect for putting on and taking off shoes. The bathrooms are not huge, (Since they were an afterthought.) but are spacious enough for all of our needs. A tub/shower combination was a welcome sight after a long day of exploring. The decor was certainly rustic, and put us in the perfect mood for the evening’s show. After putting away all of our supplies, it was time to head off to the Branson Landing for lunch and some exploring. Lori had reminded us that breakfast is available each morning, and the bar was open in the evenings. We hoped to get a chance to enjoy both of these features.

The Backstage Cafe and Bar is a great place to grab a bite to eat or an adult beverage.

Getting a Good Start to Our Day

After a long first day, we slept well in our king bed. With no children in the place, it was nice and quiet. Even though our room had a television set, I don’t remember turning it on during our visit. After getting ready for day two, we headed into the Cafe/Bar area for breakfast. Lori was already there, and helped us find a good place to sit. Some of the other hotel guests were already settled in, and enjoying themselves.

A cup of latte is a perfect start to breakfast at The Branson Hotel.

We put in our order, and Lori went about fixing us a latte. This was so delicious, and the mugs are big enough to even satisfy Crystal’s caffeine fix. I went with the regular coffee, and we sipped while we awaited our meals.

The authors breakfast choices included oatmeal and biscuits with gravy.

In hardly any time, our dishes were delivered to our table. The Branson Hotel does not have a kitchen, and has to work from a limited menu. With this in mind, it was even more impressive on the quality of the breakfast we were served. Crystal chose oatmeal, which is her go to dish for breakfast during the week. I opted for the biscuits and gravy, which was really tasty. As we dined, we discussed our plans for the day, which included a visit to Silver Dollar City. With a busy day of exploring in front of us, it was good to get it started with a hearty meal.

The outdoor patio features an inviting fire pit for making 'mores.

A Perfect Ending

After a long day at Silver Dollar City, we were ready for a relaxing night at the hotel. When we arrived back at our lodging, we found a group of guests enjoying the firepit on the outdoor patio. We joined them, and even found the makings for S’mores were handy. The staff at The Branson Hotel certainly have thought of just about everything. After chatting with the others for a while, we stepped inside the bar for a drink. We had spoken with Caroline, one of the bartenders, and she had suggested we stop by before turning in for the night.

A S'mores cocktail is the perfect end to a day of exploring in Branson, Missouri.

When we arrived, she was ready to show off her drink making skills. Since we didn’t arrive with a preconceived choice of cocktails, we let her be our guide. She decided that the S’Mores Cocktail would make a beautiful photo opportunity. We chatted with her, while she prepared this sweet concoction. The crowning touch is to add toasting marshmallows to float on the top. It was a marvelous creation, and tasted just as good as it looks. We thanked Caroline for her hospitality, and headed off to our last night in the hotel’s comfortable bed. In the morning, it was time to say our goodbyes, knowing a return visit was a must. The Branson Hotel closes for updates in January and February each year, which is the off season for most places in Branson. Don’t worry, it will open back up in the spring for another year of peaceful, adults only lodging. Be sure to check this place out on your next visit to Branson, but you will want to make reservations. With only nine rooms, it is certainly a special place to stay.

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8 thoughts on “Historic Lodging In The Branson Hotel”

  1. I’ve never been to Branson but I’m telling you that this Branson Hotel just might change that. I love their attention to detail and excellent customer service. I’m not gonna lie that S’More martini is also calling my name. Thanks for sharing this little gem.

    1. You are so welcome. That S’Mores cocktail was oh so good. This place was certainly a wonderful surprise find for us. This is exactly the type of boutique hotel we are always looking for.

  2. I always look for places like the Branson Hotel when we travel in the United States. Our last one in Binghamton, New York, hadn’t gotten around to adding en suite bathrooms which caused some grumbling from Mr. Excitement, but I still preferred it to a chain hotel. I’ve pinned this to my Missouri Pinterest board so others can find it since they’re more likely to be visiting Missouri before we will.

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