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Third Space Coffee – Bonner Springs Knows Coffee

This year we decided to make Bonner Springs our Shop Small Saturday destination. This was planned as research for our final article of 2017 for Visit KCK. We arrived before the shops opened, which gave us the opportunity to check out Third Space Coffee located at 226 Oak Street. We had to park a couple blocks away, since they had the street blocked off for a special shopping event. As we made our way to the restaurant, we passed a variety of vendors who were setting up tables of crafts to sell.
We want to thank Visit KCK for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own.

Customers relax around the modern fireplace in a seating area at Third Space Coffee.

A Busy Morning

With the event preparing to begin, the area was pretty busy. We made our way in to Third Space Coffee, and found the place buzzing with customers. The first area we came upon was a comfortable seating spot with a modern wall fireplace. The stark white walls were a perfect backdrop for the dark wood and leather furniture. Comfortable seating is certainly the theme throughout the space, as we would soon find out.

The counter at Third Space Coffee is located in a central location.

The unexpected crowd made the morning hectic for staff, but they were still smiling when we made our way to the counter. After explaining the purpose of our visit, we discussed some of the breakfast specialties that the locals normally order. Even though we had started our day with some coffee at home, we were willing to make a sacrifice for the purpose of the article. (Okay, it’s not much of a sacrifice for coffee lovers.) We ordered a couple of lattes, as well as our breakfast dishes, and then went to find seating.

A farmhouse table offers ample seating for a crowd at Third Space Coffee.

Space Abounds at Third Space Coffee

The restaurant has a variety of seating areas, and just as many chair options. In the middle of the back portion of the room is a large wooden table. This is large enough to seat eight, but there are also smaller groupings. Along one wall is an area that has tables with booth seating on one side, and chairs on the other. This was perfect for us, and we claimed our stake. While we waited for our meals, I took the opportunity to explore in more depth. A small children’s area is stocked with toys to keep small ones occupied. Out the back door I discovered a second story deck with more comfortable seating. This place has lots of options for their guests.

Beautifully decorated cups of latte are a great start to a day of shopping.

I heard my name called out, which meant that our drinks were ready. The guy who prepared the lattes told us that he had only been doing this for about four months. We were quite impressed with the beautiful appearance, as well as the over-sized cups that the drinks are served in. After taking some pictures, we headed back to our table. Just as we sat our drinks down, they called us back to pick up our meals.

Biscuits and gravy are a traditional breakfast dish at Third Space Coffee.

Hearty Starts

When we asked about the favorites there were two dishes that ranked high with the locals. The first was the Biscuits and Gravy. This can be ordered as a half or full order, which is the difference of one or two split biscuits. We decided to go with the full order, since we wanted to get a solid start. The gravy had a nice texture, and the flavor was good. It was not too heavily salted, and complimented the biscuits. We each ate one of the biscuits, which were quite filling.

A Breakfast Bites sandwich is the perfect accompaniment for a hot cup of latte.

Our other dish was the Breakfast Bite, which is what they call their sandwich. The version we chose had egg, bacon, ham, and cheese. This was all piled on some fresh wheat bread. The flavors blended well without any one being overpowering. This sandwich can also be ordered as a veggie version, but we like the protein for staying power. As we dined, we watch the steady flow of customers come through the door. It was interesting to see how organized the staff seemed to be, as they churned out order after order. Soon we had finished our meal, and we were ready to start our shopping excursion. Outside we discovered a wide array of boutiques, and our breakfast supplied us with the energy to finish our list.

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