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Homestyle Dining At Pegah’s Family Restaurant

We have visited Pegah’s Family Restaurant in the past, but it was only for breakfast. While these have been good, we never seemed to have our camera on hand when we visited. It was high time we rectified this oversight, and decided to make a lunch stop during a day of exploring. They have four locations, but for this meal we stopped at the one at 11005 Johnson Drive in Mission, Kansas. They also have locations in Lenexa, Merriam, and out west at Johnson Drive & K-7 Highway. You can find exact addresses at their website, in the link above.
The seating at Pegah's includes table sets, as well as booth options.

The Early Crowd

Our timing was actually late for lunch, but too early for dinner. This worked out well, since the place was not too crowded. It can become a little hectic, especially on weekend mornings. We were seated immediately, and had the opportunity to watch the staff as they decorated for the holiday season. This was a nice distraction, since we were doing our Christmas shopping on a Shop Small Saturday. There were a few other diners in the place when we arrived, and before we left a steady stream was beginning to make their way in to the restaurant. Pegah’s has a variety of seating areas, with tables and booths in most of them. We were seated in a booth that gave us a nice view of the street side windows, which is perfect for people watching.

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad is an oversized dinner dish.

Plenty of Choices

With all of the calories we had ingested from the Thanksgiving feast, Crystal decided to order something a little healthier. Her choice was the Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad. When it arrived, we noted how large the serving portion is, and that they do not skimp on the chicken. As would be expected, this dish is rather simple, and is made with romaine lettuce, grilled chicken breast, and dressing. Not as exciting as I would select, but it is Crystal’s favorite type of salad. I suppose that as long as she was satisfied with her selection, then that is all that matters. I would not pick a salad today.

The Mushroom Burger at Pegah's Family Restaurant is accompanied by sweet potato fries.

Where’s the Beef?

Even though it was mid-afternoon, I felt the hankering for a breakfast dish. I decided to overcome this desire, so that I could taste one of the other menu items. They have a nice selection of sandwiches, and I was struggling to decide on which one to get. When I came across the burger section of the menu, I knew that I was honing in on my choice. After a weekend of turkey, I had a deep desire for some beef, and Pegah’s menu is ripe with options. My eyes came to rest on the Mushroom Burger, which happens to be one of my favorites. I believe any time you can combine mushrooms and beef, you will have a winning combination. This burger also includes a slice of Monterrey Jack cheese to hold the sauteed mushrooms in place. The choice of sides includes sweet potato fries, which I knew would delight Crystal. I gladly shared them with her, as I relished my burger. My plate looked awful empty when I finished.

The dessert menu lists lots of sweet options.

Sweet Endings

Above our heads there was a list of the dessert options at Pegah’s. I kept glancing at this all during our visit, but by the time I finished my dish, there was no room left. This is probably best, since I too had enjoyed a variety of holiday splurges, and needed to get back to normal dining habits. I made note of the Butterscotch Cream Pie for future reference. I am thinking one of these may be a great addition to an upcoming Christmas meal. Have any of you sampled the desserts at Pegah’s? let us know your thoughts on them, and which ones are your favorites. Thanks!

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