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In 1971, a brand new indoor mall opened in Kansas City, Kansas. People from all around the region flocked to Indian Springs Mall to shop, be entertained, mingle, people watch, and eat. Italian Delight was among the restaurants to call it home. For years this was the place to grab a quick bite or a drink in the mall. People lounged over their meals, while watching the crowds pass by. It was a place to be seen. Many of us came for the pizza. The hot, gooey slices came with an almost limitless choice of topping combinations. The bubbly crust was tender with just the right amount of crispiness.

For quite some time the city watched the slow demise of Indian Springs. Most of the businesses had folded or moved away. There were a few that struggled along, and among those was Italian Delight. When the crowds quit coming to the mall times got tight. Eventually, like all the others, it was time to move. “Go west” is a phrase that is associated with the expanding frontier, and it was also the direction that businesses in KCK were heading.

italian delight

Italian Delight’s new digs ended up being at the Westville Shopping Center at 8145 State Avenue. The place is still a Kansas City landmark, not because of the location, but because of the food. Staff works hard behind the counter prepping all of the menu items that customers have grown to love. This tradition has been going on for over 33 years. They have a robust lunch business, and provide daily specials every weekday to capitalize on the traffic. Try them out on a Monday when you can get the Meatball with Mozzarella Sandwich or the Salami Sub for just over $5.00.

Their pizza has a following of its own. You can order by the slice or build your own whole pie. They have a couple of crust choices, in case you want it a little thicker. The topping choices include five kinds of veggies or meats. Of course you can just have them dump them all on there.

The menu at Italian Delight isn’t limited to pizza and sandwiches. They also have a good selection of salads, including the hefty Chef’s Salad, which is served with four kinds of meats. Pastas are certainly popular, and there are plenty to choose from. With full orders topping at below $7.00 a piece, this place not only serves up some of the best Italian food in the metro, but it is easy on your wallet.

A meal just isn’t complete without a bite of dessert, and Italian Delight doesn’t disappoint. There are a handful of options, including the ever popular tiramisu and cannoli. Italian Delight is open 7 days a week with varying hours on the weekend. Stop in and find out why people from all around the region rave about their food.


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  1. I’ve known those 3 siblings for quite some time. as a matter fact they were running around crazy at the Indian Springs location while I was shooting the breeze with their dad, Frank. I seen them grow up and take that place to a new level. Their pops used to fix me a couple dishes that’s not on the menu but now the kids cook it the same dishes almost as delicious as he did. He’s such a humble gentleman who worked his butt off coming from the old country of Italy so those kids would continue to make that play shine and that’s exactly what has happened. their hands on and they know the deal, one delicious clean cool places to go eat some serious Italian food for about the best price you can get in the metro area

    1. Thanks for sharing this background. It shines a light on the kind of people who run small businesses. Most are genuine, and just trying to make a living doing something they love.

  2. Is,this the same Italian Delight as the one in Mission Ks. On Martway? We eat there all th time, and Love it!

  3. Eggplant parmigiana, the broccoli casserole (Wednesday I think) and the olive salad. Love this place, need to revisit!

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