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Neapolitan Style Pies At Spin Pizza

For as long as they have been around, surprisingly we had never visited Spin Neapolitan Pizza restaurant. During a bout of shopping, hunger overtook us, and we stopped by their location at 14230 W. 119th Street in Olathe, Kansas. What we discovered at this locally originated pizzeria has created a couple of new fans of the place.
The entrance to Spin Neapolitan Pizza in Olathe, Kansas.

Looking For A Quick Bite

Shopping is one of our favorite leisure activities, and it doesn’t matter if we are buying or just looking. It was a beautiful Fall day in Kansas City, so just being Out & About was nice. We will often just target a section of the metro to visit, and then see what we discover. On this particular day I had broken the cardinal rule, and left my cameras at home. When the decision was made to partake in a new lunch spot, I felt the pain of having to fall back on my phone for pictures. (Sorry for the lower quality.)

Spin Pizza features an airy and open dining area that feels comfortable and inviting.

Let’s Check It Out

When it was announced that we should start looking for food, we happened to be sitting at a stoplight at the corner of 119th St. & Greenwood St., heading eastward. Just across the corner we spotted Spin Pizza, and the decision was made before the light changed. Of course, we had missed our left lane turn, but that was easily remedied.  A quick down and around brought us back to the shop from the opposite direction. The restaurant sits in a small shopping area surrounded by residential neighborhoods. Our timing was around 1:30 in the afternoon, so the lunch rush had subsided.

A staff member checks the pizza pies in the wood fired oven at Spin Pizza.

Spin Pizza is kind of a hybrid style dining experience that has become popular lately. Customers entering the store pass through a line where they order there menu items, before heading to the seating area. Food and drinks are delivered to the table by servers. While some people don’t like this set up as much as a traditional wait staff approach, we find that it shortens the length of time from arrival to meal. A large menu billboard calls out the variety of items available. Flatbreads, salads, sandwiches, and soups join pizzas as the options readily available. Since we were just looking for a quick lunch, we decided to try one of their wood-fired combination pizzas.

Give It A Spin!

While we were preparing to order, one of the staff was working on preparing a pizza crust. There are still places you find tossed crusts, but they are becoming rarer. When we find one, it can be rather mesmerizing to watch. When the guy doing the tossing noticed me videoing, I think he added a little flair. I certainly noticed a small grin.

A plate is covered with the Tre Carne Pizza at Spin Neapolitan Pizza.

The True Test

After finding a seat, we waited for our food. The wait was not overly long, probably about 12 to 15 minutes. Soon our server delivered our piping hot pie to our table. We have fallen in love with the Neapolitan style pizzas, which are not so heavy on cheese, as many you find. Our choice at Spin Pizza was Tre Carni, which is topped with meatballs, pepperoni, and Italian sausage. The bubbly crust had just the right crunch, without giving up a little chewy texture. The toppings were well distributed across the pie, and the flavor was delicious. I even noticed the slight black licorice taste coming from the fennel in the Italian sausage. Clearly they use fresh ingredients for this mild seasoning to still be flavorful. We devoured our selection, and enjoyed every bite.

A display case filled with various flavors of gelato.

But Wait There’s More

When we made our way through the line, we noticed a display case filled with a variety of gelato. It all looked so good, and we truly wanted to try it. Unfortunately, the pizza had been more filling than we expected, and neither of us wanted to push our stomachs to an uncomfortable phase. We decided to hold off until a future visit. Perhaps next time we will just share a salad and sandwich, so that we leave room for dessert. We can always walk it off with more shopping. If you have tried Spin! Pizza, please leave us a comment about your experience. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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