Plate Presence At Oishi Japanese Cuisine

These days it seems that some of the best little eateries are tucked in out of the way places. Such is the case for Oishi Japanese Cuisine at 12220 Shawnee Mission Parkway. Situated in the 10 Quivira Plaza Shopping Center, we would only see it when we ventured into the parking lot. We remembered a previous visit, but needed another to refresh our memories and taste buds. What we didn’t remember was being presented dishes that were as artistic as they were delectable.

A server takes the order from customers at Oishi Japanese Cuisine.

Quiet Lunch

Lately we have had a knack for stopping by places during a break in the action. At Oishi it appeared that the Saturday lunch crowd had just subsided, so we were one of just a handful of tables being used. This meant that our server was quick to respond to our arrival. After reviewing the menu with us, she left us to our decision. She had made sure to point out their lunch specials, which are still active on Saturdays. This was a big plus, since many restaurants limit them to the weekdays. It ended up coming down to a decision between a bento box or hibachi lunch.

Salad and Crab Rangoon are served with the hibachi meals.

Getting Started at Oishi Japanese Cuisine

We both went with a hibachi meal, which begins with a choice of soup or salad. Being a rather warm Fall day, we both opted for the salad. The meals also include a Crab Rangoon. The salads were very fresh and included a well balanced Ginger dressing. Needless to say, they didn’t stay around long.

The Oishi Roll is a spicy and crunchy sushi roll made special for the restaurant customers.

Roll With It!

We wanted to make sure we sampled a good variety of their dishes, so we decided to include a roll. At this point a disclaimer is necessary, so let’s just say neither of us are into raw fish. Fortunately, most sushi shops include plenty of vegetarian or cooked roll options. We asked our server for her suggestion, after explaining our limitations. She told us the Oishi Roll would be a good fit. This specialty roll is made with crispy tempura shrimp and mango stuffed inside the rice roll. It is topped with a crunchy spicy mayo, spicy crab, and their eel sauce. The presentation was delightful, and we couldn’t wait to taste the final product.

The Hibachi Chicken is a plate full of food.

Plate Presence

At the same time as the sushi was being delivered, our main dishes appeared. Crystal had chosen the Hibachi Chicken, which is served with assorted vegetables cooked with the same sauce. It was so good. They also dish out a nice portion of fried rice to accompany the meal. A dish of Yum-Yum Sauce can be used for a flavor punch, as well.

Hibachi Beef is tender and delicious at Oishi Japanese Cuisine.

Let’s Dig In!

My choice was the Hibachi Steak, which had the same plate grouping as Crystal’s meal. With all of this food laid out in front of us, the only thing left to do was dive in. Knowing that we had more stops this day meant that we wouldn’t be taking anything to go. Fortunately, the food was so inviting that we couldn’t stop eating. Once in a while our server would stop by to check on us and refill our water glasses. She maintained a great balance of presence without being overbearing. It seemed like Oishi Japanese Cuisine had just the right formula for a wonderful weekend lunch. With it being so close to our home, it may have just been escalated to our new go-to Japanese eatery. How many of you have dined here? Tell us your thoughts of it in the comments section below. Bon Apetit!

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  1. I love this place. The lunch specials are a great value for high quality food and a great selection. Beautiful plates and at dinner, enough choices that Japanese food fans and non sushi / sashimi eaters have a happy range for everyone.

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