The flavors of the Blueberry Cialntro Margarita added pops of color to our tastebuds.

Pops Of Color – Tavern In The Village

The end of a workweek is certainly a reason for a celebration. This particular week had been rather brutal, so it was an easy decision to add a Happy Hour event to our Friday evening excursion. We wanted something fresh and new, so plans were set for a visit to Tavern in the Village. Located at 3901 Prairie Lane, it can be found just north of 75th and Mission Road. We had only visited once prior and had been very impressed with their Happy Hour offerings. The food and drink had been tasty and we knew that a follow-up visit would add pops of color that should help kick off the weekend.

Tavern in the Village has a calming vibe hat beckons guests to chill out for a while.

Casual Vibe

From the moment we walked in the door, we could feel the casual vibe. The open lounge area is bathed in natural light. Happy Hour participants lingered over drinks and bites as they reveled at the end of another work week. The hostess led us to our table in the main dining section, which is just removed from the bar. Here we found a more intimate atmosphere but we could still pick up the energy from the others around the corner. The strategic placement of artwork adds pops of color to the muted design of this space.

The muted décor is graced by pops of color in the artwork.

Pops of Color

The overall vibe of the space helped us wind down from the long week. The cooler tones of the restaurant did their job of lowering my blood pressure. This is the type of place that begs you to linger and enjoy a time-out from daily life. When we arrived, we were two of the first ones seated in this section of the restaurant. This allowed me to get some interior photos before they filled up. Before long, more and more would arrive. It was nice having our server to ourselves, even if it was only for a few minutes.

Crispy calamari is a great starter for a successful happy Hour.

Fast Starters

We barely needed to scan the menu to determine our meal dishes, but it took a moment longer to pick a cocktail. We wanted something that would compliment our food and has pops of color to boot. The Blueberry Cilantro Margarita seemed a good choice to fit the bill. One sip said that we made the right choice. The accent flavors were timid and refused to overpower the main margarita taste, yet they came forward after each sip. To kick off our munch-fest, we chose the Calamari. Not everyone is a fan of this squid-based dish, but it happens to be one of my favorite appetizers. Only recently has Crystal taken a liking to it and that required the addition of a tasty dipping sauce.

These Chicken Nachos brought pops of color to our muted table.

A New Nacho

Preplanning our meal makes ordering a lot easier. This is made more convenient when a restaurant posts all of its menus online, which is what we found when visiting the Tavern’s portal. After our server had delivered our cocktail, we actually ordered all of our dishes at once. It definitely makes photos easier and leaves us with a table full of tasty options to devour. The description of the Tavern Chicken Nachos lists the main ingredients but had left out their delivery style. We were expecting a pile of spicy chicken, black beans, and pico de gallo to come smothered in pepper jack cheese sauce. It was a pleasant surprise when they arrived in street taco style. This certainly makes them easy to eat.

The Pulled Pork Tacos were filled with flavorful meat and crispy onions.

Round Two

With the nachos looking like tacos, we were now wondering what disguise the Pulled Pork Tacos would be using. Okay, they looked like tacos, so all was back to normal. Where the chicken nachos had brought a zesty kick of spice to our tastebuds, these tacos were all about the rich tones of the meat. Ample amounts of pulled pork are accompanied by crispy fried onions. A hint of salsa verde and cilantro add accents to this protein-rich dish. Everything was tasting so good that we even devoured the salads that served as garnish.

The authors experienced pops of color during their Happy Hour excursion to Tavern in the Village.

Highly Successful Outing

We chatted about our weekend plans as we made our way through the meal. We have found a passion for creating a tapas-style meal by combining a variety of appetizers. This is an especially effective approach during Happy Hour visits. It allows us to sample a wider range of the flavors that a restaurant has to offer. Once again, it had proven a successful approach at dinner, as we both felt our hunger subside. The combination of a smooth cocktail, delectable dishes, and a chill vibe had turned this wreck of a week into a winner.

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