The revamped menu incldes some sneaky good eats at Mickey's Hideaway in Westport.

Sneaky Good Eats – Mickey’s Hideaway

They say that change is inevitable and that it is often for the better. While we sometimes find ourselves saddened by the loss of a familiar haunt, we try to accept it as fate. When McCoy’s Public House closed, after over 20 years, we were fearful that space would be lost for a long time. Fortunately, the owners were merely transitioning the property to its next phase. By changing up the restaurant, it allowed them to bring in some sneaky good eats to the new menu. We dropped by Mickey’s Hideaway to see how the transformation worked out.

A brighter interior awaits guests to Mickey's Hideaway.

Airy Space

McCoy’s had been a place that had grown comfortable. The leather booths were made to sink into and the darker interior shielded guests from the exterior. With an extensive menu, filled with patron favorites, there was little chance that significant change could be instituted under the old skin. Sometimes, the best approach is to reboot. The owners had already introduced Beer Kitchen, which quickly overshadowed McCoy’s. We wanted to see how they could transform one of the most beloved hangouts, which occupies a significant corner in Westport. Having found huge success with their other venture, Char Bar, we were sure this place would be impressive. Of course, running a barbecue restaurant in Kansas City is not an uncommon occurrence.

The industrial vibe plays well with the oversized foosball table.

Significant Change

Entering Mickey’s Hideaway, we found a space that was familiar yet fresh. Gone were the leather booths, and instead we found lots of wood. the seating combines traditional tables with a series of high-tops. In one corner a roaring fireplace brought in a lodge vibe. The extra-long foosball table added a fun “sportsy” undertone. The interior space felt a little colder and stark, but it worked. This industrial style is something that has been gaining momentum, so we are becoming very familiar with it. Since our visit was during the Happy Hour timeframe, the Westport crowd was still a couple of hours away. Otherwise, it would have been interesting to see how many people it takes to successfully handle a game of foosball.

A heaping helping of Pokemon Fry is one of the sneaky good eats at Mickey's Hideaway.

Sneaky Good Eats

Now to the serious business of our visit, the menu. McCoy’s menu had grown to incorporate about 70 dishes, and each one had a following. This would make it difficult to make changes, so a clean slate seems like a wise move. Mickey’s Hideaway has a smaller number of offerings, which makes it easier to concentrate on consistency. The brewery is gone, but have no fear. This new destination has 18 brews on tap. I decided to check out their Cinderblock ‘French Apple” Cider and enjoyed the crisp flavor. Our server, Max, suggested we start with one of his favorite appetizers, Pokemon Fry. A heaping collection of sweet potato waffle-cut fries and Korean short rib meat is seasoned with the house kimchi and kewpie mayo. The flavors are so complex that it had us coming back for more.

Crystal loved the Smoked Turkey Club that featured sneaky good eats and meat from Char Bar.

Char Bar Classic

The owners of Mickey’s Hideaway have used their other businesses to help support this newer venture. When Crystal chose the Smoked Turkey Club, Max pointed out that the sandwich utilizes smoked turkey from Char Bar. We certainly liked the idea that they play off of each other’s strengths. This tasty treat has the turkey piled high on a toasted hoagie. Playing second-fiddle to the meat is a combination of bacon, Swiss cheese, avocado, iceberg lettuce, tomato, and burnt mayo. There may be a lot going on with this handheld, but it all comes together to deliver tremendous taste. I was not surprised that Crystal had chosen turkey, and I imagine she thought the same about my selection.

The Hatchback brought just enough heat to please me, without going too far.

Bring Me Some Heat

When I questioned Max about impressive-looking sandwiches, he went straight to The Hatchback. When I read the list of ingredients, I could tell this was one of their sneaky good eats. He assured me that it was in the medium range, which worked for me. What was delivered was a handheld stacked high with a pair of smashed beef patties. I immediately recognized the shredded lettuce, Tillamook white cheddar cheese, and crispy onion strings. It wasn’t until I bit in that I found the Hatch chilies and burnt mayo that were hidden under the egg bun. Whoa! That is a lot of flavor in every bite and I struggled to finish this dish off. (I actually couldn’t finish the Parmesan Fries.)

The authors pose for a selfie before sampling the sneaky good eats at Mickey's Hideaway.

Over Our Mourning

By the time we finished our meal, the mourning period for McCoy’s had come to a close. We will always have the memories, but Mickey’s Hideaway had proven its worth. It is time to add it to some of the other great dining choices in Westport, like Green Room Burgers and Jerusalem Cafe. Brightening up their space and revamping a decades-old menu was definitely well-timed. We are confident that with a little time, Mickey’s will become just as big of a hit as its predecessor. It’s a given that we are going to have to return to check out more of this fresh menu and hopefully catch a game of foosball.

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