If you are feeling a little foggy in the head we would suggest an outdoor art walk.

Spring Forward With An Outdoor Art Walk

For decades, people around the globe have struggled with the ‘Spring Forward’ that occurs each year. While we understand the reasoning behind this daylight saving practice, it doesn’t make the frustration of losing an hour anymore pleasant. Just as we begin to see the dawn appear at a decent hour, we are plunged back into darkness as we make our way to work. Who would expect that a one-hour loss could turn us into sleep-deprived zombies?  To help us deal with this annual annoyance, we decided to spring forward with an outdoor art walk.

When we decided to spring forward with an outdoor art walk we knew we would see some amazing pieces.

A Kemper St”art”

A brunch-time event made perfect sense to deal with our lost hour. We began our excursion with a visit to the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. Kansas City is blessed with two amazing art spaces within walking distance from each other. Since we had never sampled the menu at Café Sebastienne, this seemed like the perfect opportunity. We couldn’t limit our visit to the meal, so we also enjoyed a tour of the current exhibits at the museum. The rotating galleries make this place a new experience with every visit.

Many of the pieces that we saw on our outdoor art walk seemed to be suffering from the recent time change.

The Struggle is Real

We arrived a few minutes before our reserved timed entry, so we decided to take in the outdoor art that dots the museum grounds. With the grogginess of the lost hour subsiding, we were able to focus on the pieces we found. It is easy to draw comparisons to the figures with the current experience we were dealing with. We could easily relate to a ‘head in hands’ moment that accompanies the time change. The guy wrestling with a Pegasus reminded us of the struggles that come with attempting to force ourselves to go to sleep an hour early. Clearly, we were seeing similarities during our spring forward art walk.

The Nelson-Atkins out door art galleries have some beautiful sculptures.

Falling to Pieces

After our visit to Kemper Museum, it was time to head over to the second site. Just a short walk away is the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. We find that an outdoor stroll through the gardens is a great way to enjoy a warm day. The immense lawn is a favorite of many, and you will find plenty of picnickers and sunbathers enjoying the wide-open spaces. Scattered throughout the property are a large number of statues, including this piece by Judith Shea.

Familiar artwork can be found at the Nelson-Atkins Museum.

Familiar Sights

Most people associate the shuttlecocks as a symbol of Kansas City art. They appear on posters, t-shirts, greeting cards, and just about every other type of souvenir. The familiarity of these pieces had us thinking that Rodin must have been contemplating time change when he created his most recognizable sculpture.

These headless statues remind us how we feel during Daylight Savings Time.

Don’t Lose Your Heads

As we made our way around the main buildings, we happened upon this collection of standing figures. Our assumption was they were also feeling a little adrift from the lost hour and assembled outdoors to gather their bearings from the sun. This midday excursion was working its magic as we were finally able to spring forward during our art walk. The unseasonably warm weather had drawn many others out and everyone seemed to be soaking up the sunshine that had been so rare over the past few weeks.

The authors pose for a selfie during their spring forward outdoor art walk.

Spring Forward with an Outdoor Art Walk

With our internal clocks adjusted, it was time for us to wrap up our outdoor adventure. We know that there will still be a few days that are not favorable for outdoor activities, but the promise of spring has us hopeful. The warmer days are just around the corner and we look forward to many more excursions around our hometown. We hope you will find an opportunity to follow in our footsteps and enjoy your own artistic expedition.

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18 thoughts on “Spring Forward With An Outdoor Art Walk”

  1. Wow, you have two amazing art centers to visit and all within walking distance of each other, that is amazing!

  2. I love art walks! The sculptures you show here are so intriguing. I’d like to see these in person, but until I can travel, I’m happy to see it all here.

  3. Good for you guys! I love that iconic shuttlecock sculpture. But there are so many more here I would love to take pictures of, too. Kansas City is really a place for the arts.

  4. I’m amazed by how much outdoor art there is in Kansas City! It would make going for a walk so much more interesting than walking the busy streets looking in shop windows as I’ve been doing for the past 12 months

  5. Jackie K Smith

    Wow! This was one of my favorites of your tours! Love the art and the way it fit the topic!! Art walks are calming even when done via computer and reading your blog.

  6. Like you, I’m enjoying the approach of spring – combined with the gradual lifting of lockdown it’s an opportunity for us all to get outside again. An art walk sounds like a great way to take advantage of it. For some reason I always seem to enjoy sculpture more in the open air – it must be something to do with the way it interacts with its surroundings.

  7. The collection of headless standing figures are amazing! Your art walk is a great way to forget about the one hour.

  8. Cindy Carlsson

    We ended up just running through KC this spring due to weather. I hadn’t been there since high school and realized the city is even more walkable and fun than I remembered. We didn’t get out to the art museums, but it looks like this would be a good addition to our wandering on our next (and there will be a next) visit to Kansas City!

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