Squeezing In To Bohemian Pizzeria

For those that follow our travels, and especially the eateries we frequent, it is probably obvious we are huge pizza fans. When visiting a new city, we always try to scope out a possible candidate for a meal. In Tulsa, we found Bohemian Pizzeria, in the East Village area near downtown. During research prior to our visit, we heard many confirmations that this was a good option. After we arrived in Tulsa, we discussed our choice with the staff at our hotel, and they all spoke highly of the place. They also mentioned that it has the tendency to be quite popular on the weekend, and can be difficult to get into during the evening.

A Tight Fit at Bohemian Pizzeria

We had an early lunch, so an early dinner was not out of the question. The walk from our hotel was about a half mile, and gave us an opportunity to scope out after dinner places to visit. Tulsa is experiencing a revitalization of it’s downtown area. We have found this to be happening in many of the cities we visit. Shops, restaurants, and other businesses are returning to the urban core. Many times they are bringing an edgy, and eclectic vibe that is artistic and fun. We passed through the area, and soon found ourselves at Bohemian Pizzeria. The dining area is narrow and tight, but it gives an excuse to mingle with the occupants at the next table.

The evening was a little warm, so we decided to eat indoors. I popped out the side door to get a look at the outdoor seating section. A couple brave parties were enduring the heat, and had the patio all to themselves. The place looks like a great spot for a happy hour celebration during a more comfortable weather period. There is even a portion that has an overhang to allow protected dining during inclement weather. I headed back inside to help decide what to order, since the rush period was beginning.

Neapolitan Pizza in Bohemian Digs

Bohemian Pizzeria takes pride in using fresh ingredients sourced locally, when they can’t get them from Italy. Yeah, Italy. They import their double “oo” flour, and San Marzano tomatoes from Italian distributors. Of course, some items are too delicate to import, so they look at local sources for these ingredients. Their mozzarella comes from buffalo, which are quite plentiful in Oklahoma. Locally raised produce is used in their salads, and the flavors come through in their dishes. Our server was quite knowledgeable about the processes used in preparing the food, and helped us pick just the perfect dinner combination. We started with the Mama Kay’s Caesar, which is served with a scrumptious homemade garlic breadstick. Salads are not especially exciting for me, but this one was very fresh, and even I could taste it.

Feature Course

Our main course was not too far behind. Being meat lovers, we picked the Tre P, which features pancetta, pepperoni, and prosciutto. These three Italian meats are spread across a crust that has been coated with their signature San Marzano tomato sauce. The whole thing is topped with the buffalo mozzarella and some freshly grated Parmesan. We decided to toss on some Castelvetrano olives for a little color, and it certainly did just that. Now back to the whole we love pizza thing. The past few years we have actually become fans of the wood-fired pizzas that are quite often associated with the Neapolitan region of Italy. The flavor that the smoky wood imparts on the crust, as well as the improved texture makes a noticeable difference. Perhaps this is why so many pizzerias are using this cooking style. Bohemian Pizzeria has combined a unique cooking style with upscale ingredients to create a delicious product. Be sure that you add Bohemian Pizzeria to your restaurant list when you next visit Tulsa. We think you will be just as impressed as we were.

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