A table filled with interesting dishes makes it easy to start your morning with a twist.

Start Your Morning With A Twist – Snooze A.M. Eatery

When we heard that Snooze A.M. Eatery was planning a Kansas city location, it brought a smile to our faces. We enjoy a standard breakfast as much as the next couple, but the chance to start your morning with a twist makes it extra special. This funky and friendly Denver-based chain has a reputation for bringing fun to the breakfast table. Their newest location is at 4144 Broadway Boulevard in Westport. During a pre-opening weekend, they invited us in to experience a little late morning Snooze. We certainly weren’t going to pass up this opportunity to find out what’s cooking in their kitchen.

We want to thank Snooze A.M. Eatery for hosting our visit. Rest assured all opinions are our own.

The staff was all smiles during a pre-opening visit to Snooze a.m. eatery in Kansas city.

Smiles, Everyone!

The purpose of the pre-opening party was to prep the staff for the days of regular service to come. When we arrived, we were greeted with big smiles and bubbly personalities. It was definitely a great way to kick off a visit. While Snooze has expanded to over 30 restaurants, they are still selective about the areas they serve. Their “funky” style is best served up in neighborhoods that can embrace its team of “Snoozers”. (The nickname for the staff.)

The colorful open spaces in Snooze make for a fun breakfast atmosphere.

Pleasing Color Palette

The place was buzzing with activity, but the open-air design of the space makes it feel appropriate. The three-day weekend pre-opening event was a no-charge experience, but each day they were collecting donations for a different charity. This was a huge hit with us because we usually only share chain restaurants that show community involvement. We noticed that all of the servers were in various Disney outfits. Our server explained that was the type of atmosphere that Snooze likes to inspire in their employees. Each of the three days they chose a different theme to represent. We will have to keep our eyes peeled to see if this is a common occurrence now that they are open every day.

A plate of Bravocado Toast will help start your morning with a twist of flavor.

Bravo for Breakfast

After scouring the robust menu, it was decided to bring some variety to our table. Our daughter, Amanda, was joining us, so that means three dishes to sample. Crystal has become a little predictable, but when you know what you like why not test the waters at each location. (I am the same way when I see a Cuban Sammie on a menu.) Snooze has found a way to start your morning with a twist by combining some interesting tidbits to a standard dish.

A good example of this was Crystal’s choice of Bravocado Toast. We would usually find an avocado blended with a few seasoning herbs spread across some artisan toast. That’s not where they stop at Snooze. Let’s blend in some red onion honey jam and diced fresh tomatoes, then we will cap it off with a pair of sunny-side-up eggs. Oh, why not add a serving of Parmesan and citronette dressed greens for some extra color and flavor? It worked!

The Funky Monkey French Toast is an explosion of sweet flavors that will start your morning with a twist.

Feeling Funky

Since Crystal has done the deed of choosing from the healthy side of the menu, it left me to showcase something with a little more pizzazz. Can you say Funky Monkey French Toast? I mean, the name alone had already piqued my interest. If you’re going to start your morning with a twist, why not make it as sweet as possible? This dish did not lack in that department. It starts with slices of griddled banana bread. Yes, you read that right. Not brioche or some other fluffy white loaf. Real banana bread!

How can you ever improve on that? Oh, they did. Snooze chefs dug deep in their bag of tricks and came up with the perfect accompaniments. They drizzle a caramel sauce over the warm slices of toast. To this, they add candied pecans and whipped mascarpone cream. It’s impossible to add any more flavor, but leave it to this place to try. How about throwing in some brûléed bananas for an extra punch of sweetness. I almost expected a monkey to swing by and try to steal my dish.

Looking for something new is easy at Snooze, since they have a menu filled with unique dishes like the Chili Verde Benedict.

Benny with Style

Being a chef-inspired restaurant, we were anxious to see what combinations they would have for their Bennies. If you are planning to start your morning with a twist, this is one dish that offers nearly limitless possibilities. They showed seven flavor combinations on the menu, so we think they are willing to push the envelope in this category. Amanda landed on the Habanero Pork Belly Benny, but a recent run on this dish had temporarily shelved it from the menu. She fell back to regroup and chose the Chili Verde Benedict. This dish comes with a choice of barbacoa style beef or slow-cooked pulled pork for the meat. She selected the latter of the two.

Snooze chefs seemed to have outdone themselves on this dish, as well. They whisked away the traditional English muffin base and replaced it with green chili sauced tortillas topped with melted cheese. The standard poached eggs are dressed up with a green chili hollandaise sauce, pico de gallo, and grated Cotija cheese. A serving of the House Hash Browns balances out the plate. I’m not going to say I was jealous of her choice, but you can bet I’ll be “Bennying” on my next visit.

The authors stopped for a selfie before indulging in a new experience at Snooze a.m. eatery in Kansas city.

Start Your Morning with a Twist

Snooze A.M. Eatery gets bonus points with us for their dedication to doing what’s right. The company slogan, “It only takes a moment to make a difference” reflects the culture that they are instilling in their employees. By sourcing as much as possible locally, they lower the amount of waste in their food chain. They also encourage recycling and composting, as they strive to run a “green” restaurant. This is a trend that is slowly sweeping the food scene and one we hope builds momentum. So the only question left unanswered is, “When will you visit Snooze?”

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