A visit to KC Taco Company proves that Any day can be Taco Day.

Taco Anyday at KC Taco Company

These days it seems that we are constantly seeing specials for Taco Tuesday events. While it’s nice to find a deal on one of our favorite menu items, we think that this delectable cuisine shouldn’t be limited to one day per week. We would like to propose Taco Anyday and KC Taco Company is a good spot to enjoy this new holiday. A stop at their location at 520 Walnut Street, on a Saturday evening, to join other diners at this popular Kansas City eatery.

We want to thank the KC Taco Company for its hospitality. Rest assured all opinions are our own. 

Happy Hour is the perfect excuse for some delectable drinks at KC Taco Company.

Delicious Drinks

We arrived in time to sample some of their Happy Hour items. They have a few specials that they rotate from time to time, so the drink menu may change between visits. We picked two that sounded intriguing. The Watermelon Mojito is a light, refreshing drink with plenty of flavors. The combination of watermelon and mint works well in this drink. Our other choice was the Pineapple Margarita. Made with their house-made infused pineapple, this glass packed tons of fruity flavor. Both of these drinks were perfect for additions to the Mexican cuisine we were about to devour.

Cheesy Queso Dip makes a great appetizer choice on Taco Anyday at KC Taco Company in Kansas city.

Appealing Appetizers

One of our favorite appetizers at Mexican cuisine restaurants is the queso dip. It seems that each place has its own take on this dish, and KC Taco Company makes theirs as picturesque as it is delectable. The creamy white cheese blend makes the name Queso Blanco appropriate. Served up in a skillet, the addition of chorizo and spices kicked the dish up a notch. This reminded us of a version we had in Oklahoma City and was just as enjoyable. (You can read about Iguana Grill in OKC here.)

A quesadilla is a good option for a sharable dish during Taco Anyday.

Quartered Quesadillas

Our daughter was joining us on this excursion, which allowed us to sample an extra dish. With our appetizer quickly becoming endangered, it was time to get moving on our entrees. First up, we had the Tres Cerdos Quesadilla.  Stuffed with bacon, chorizo, and mesquite pork, this menu item is packed with protein. Fresh pico and guacamole are plopped on top, and the whole thing is drizzled with Sriracha Aioli. With good crispiness to the dish, it works well for handheld dining.

KC Taco Company offers mixed bowls that are a new twist on the old taco salad entree.

Bountiful Bowls

Something that was new to us are their bowls. It’s a good way to get a new-age twist on a taco salad. The Karma-rito Bowl is a combination of corn, quinoa, beans, pico, and sweet potato. We chose to add in some shredded pork to add extra protein. You will want that if you have more exploring on your schedule. We loved being able to blend this mix of flavors in each bite. The dish is drizzled with their house-made roasted garlic aioli.

Who could pass up some delicious street tacos during taco anyday at KC Taco Company?

Taco Anyday at KC Taco Company

Finally, we get to the namesake dish. Over the past few years, street tacos have become enormously popular. These softshell versions of the traditional handheld don’t have the crunch, but still include all of the flavors. We have noticed that many street taco vendors are pushing the envelope by combining unique ingredients. KC Taco Company offers up plenty of choices, but we knew that we would only be able to eat a couple. The Thai-Chili Shrimp Taco brings tons of flavor with large spicy shrimp nestled on a bed of Baja slaw. We also tossed in a more traditional version with the Carne Asada Taco.  Hand-cut slices of steak are topped with onion and cilantro. This version doesn’t have as much kick, but still has plenty of delectable flavors. With so many menu items that we missed, it looks like there are many more visits in our future.

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