The food at B&C Seafood Restaurant represents the tastes of the land and sea.

Tastes Of The Land And Sea – B&C Cajun Restaurant

Travelers make their way to the Louisiana River Parishes for a variety of reasons. Tourism swirls around the plantation homes, sportfishing, and outdoor adventures. No matter what the main purpose of your visit, everyone will find themselves enjoying some local eateries. In fact, the dining scene was one of the largest draws for us. Before our arrival, visions of all kinds of southern dishes danced in our heads. We had memories of meals we enjoyed in New Orleans.  When we finally arrived, we were greeted by the tastes of the land and sea.

We want to thank Louisiana River Parishes and B&C Seafood Market for their hospitality. Rest assured all opinions are our own. 

The tastes of the land and sea can be found at B&C Seafood Restaurant.

Happy Life

B&C Seafood Riverside Market & Cajun Restaurant is quite a mouthful to say. To shorten it any would be a disservice to all of the goodness that this place has to offer. As we entered the restaurant, we found ourselves in the market section. We were met with an infectious laugh as one of the staff members interacted with customers. Looking around, we noticed they had a fresh supply of cooked mudbugs ready for eating. A grouping of coolers was filled with all sorts of delectable treats. If we lived nearby, this would certainly be a regular stop for us.

The interior of B&C Seafood Restaurant may be recognizable from a Tim McGraw video.

Take It Easy

Here in the heart of Plantation Alley, we knew we could find real Cajun food. After all, owner Tom Breaux has been fishing the waters around this region for decades. His restaurant has drawn in some well-known people. As we sat and talked with Tom, he pointed out a guitar hanging on a nearby wall. When he mentioned that it was a souvenir from Tim McGraw, we just had to know why it was here. Turns out that Tim filmed part of his video “The Rest of Our Life” in B&C Cajun Restaurant. Crystal immediately recalled it and I would make sure to get a refresher as soon as we got a chance.

A platter filled with the bounty of the land offers the tastes of the land and sea.

Bounty of the Gulf

After an entertaining conversation with Tom, he excused himself and left us to our meal. Chef Lanny Weber had prepared us a variety of dishes that reflected the tastes of the land and sea. He spread these across two platters and we knew that we would not be leaving hungry. On platter #1 we discovered a mix of Fried Shrimp and Alligator. With each bite, the crunchy coating gave way to the delicious texture of the meat hidden within. A bowl of Smoked Rabbit Gumbo anchored the center of the tray and provided a depth of flavor. The platter also held Okra and Crab Cakes that had been fried to golden perfection. We could already see the need to pace ourselves.

Louisiana specialties are found on the second platter.

Tastes of the Land and Sea

The second platter contained more delectable treats. Fried Oysters and Clam Strips offered chewy bites of bold flavor. The footed bowl on this tray contained a Seafood Gumbo that complimented the Hush Puppies and Boudin Balls that accompanied it. With all of this variety, we were really getting a true taste and the depth of flavors available in the River Parishes. B&C Cajun Restaurant is a little off of the beaten path, but that means you will be hanging with the locals when you visit. We are confident that you will feel welcomed by the friendly folk of this region.

Shrimp and crawdads are finger foods that you will find frequently in the River Parishes of Louisiana.

Heads On

Just when we thought we had sampled it all, the chef brought out another basket. This one was brimming with fresh cooked Shrimp and Crawdads. You can’t visit the bayou area without partaking in some mudbugs. There is something addictive about the sweet taste of their meat. No knife and fork needed to really enjoy a dish full, just tear off the heads and dig in. It’s hard to describe the actual flavor, but I would say it is a cross between crab and shrimp. It is definitely less salty than lobster but still offers a firm texture.

Land of the River Parishes

Our visit to the Louisiana River Parishes felt like a step into another time. One where people were more relaxed and the pace was just a bit slower. Courtesy is still a thing to have and the warm smiles of passersby remind you of their welcoming spirit. Much like the people, the food is filled with tradition. The tastes of the land and sea have been prepared for generations, so their recipes are tried and true. It feels like every bite reminded us that we were in river country.

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  1. I can’t remember when I had a really good cajun meal, this looks like a nice combo of fried and just easy boiled delicious and fresh yummies, I would just die to be at a table there now.

  2. Jackie K Smith

    Oh heart be still! You had me with the opening photo. Now I am both hungry and filled with wanderlust at the same time! Great post!

  3. Carol Colborn

    Oh my, your photos and narrative both made me hungry and wish I had been there with you. Cajun food at its best!!!

  4. Juliann - Browsing the Atlas

    My mouth is watering!!! I love all the seafood in Louisiana and the cajun flavors. I’m glad I’m planning to go to NOLA next March. I’ll have to check out these places!

  5. Seafood is my favourite of all meals and your description and photos are very appetising. What a lovely place to visit.

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