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Kansas City is a city filled with a diverse population. On any given day you can enjoy about any possible cuisine type that you could imagine. It provides plenty of fuel for a myriad of articles about KC restaurants. It seems that there are dozens of corridors that host a collection of eateries, which are often specific to a certain region. On the Kansas side of the state line, we visited Taqueria Mexico at 3300 Rainbow Boulevard. This Mexican cuisine restaurant has a prime spot on the corner of Rainbow and Southwest Boulevards, and the parking lot always seems filled when we pass by. This particular evening we dropped in to find out what the crowd favorites are.

The interior of Taqueria Mexico is bright and happy.

Colorful Interior

We entered the cantina to a pop of color. The interior is bedecked in murals and pennants that really liven up the place. It creates a festive mood for those inside. We were seated at one of the tables and began to study the menus. Our server dropped by to get our drink order and we added a bowl of queso cheese dip to our margarita order. A bowl of chips and some salsa were delivered for us to munch on while we decided on our main dishes. The menu at Taqueria Mexico is quite expansive, so it took me a while to pare down my choice. With the margarita delivered, as well as the cheese dip, we were finally prepared to order.

A chimichanga always makes for a filling meal.

Familiar Favorite

Crystal threw me for a loop and ordered a Chicken Cimichanga. This meat stuffed tortilla is deep fried and topped with a cheese sauce. The meal comes with rice and bean, but she requested the beans be left off in place of more rice. It also includes a helping of guacamole and pico de gallo. This meal proved to be more than she could eat, but she did give it a valiant effort. The shell was crispy and the meat filling was plentiful. Certainly a good value for the price. It also paired well with the margarita.

The Burritos Tres Amigo offers a variety of sauces.

Variety is the Spice of Life

I often order a chimichanga, but since Crystal had trumped me I needed to go a different direction. Fortunately, during my long decision process I had been struggling with a second menu item. This meant that I was ready to spring this alternative out without having to start from scratch. We are sure that our server was glad for that. I chose the Burrito Tres Amigos which had excellent plate presence. The base for this dish is similar to a chimi, except that they forego the frying. It also includes refried beans, lettuce, tomato, and avocado on the interior. The fun comes with the finished product being split into thirds. Each piece is coated with a different sauce, so it brings a change in overall taste between bites. While they were all good, I would rank my favorite sauces; Cheese, Mole, then red sauce. This meal comes with sides of rice and salad. Once again, the meal ended up being more than I could complete.

The authors enjoy a meal at Taqueria Mexico.

Those of you who follow us regularly know that we will usually try to beat the evening crowd when possible. We try to dine around 6:00 in the evening, which means the crowds start to file in by the time we are finishing. Our experience is that this is an optimal time, since the wait staff is all present for the evening rush, but not so busy as to be difficult to find. It also means that our meals are usually prepared in a shorter time frame, so we spend less down time waiting. If you tire of the larger crowds later in the evening, you may want to give this approach a try. Just not too many of you or else we will be back to waiting like the people who dine later. Tell us your favorite dining tip that you have developed over the years. We love learning new tricks. Thanks!

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