An overly decorated sundae is an example of one of the tasty treats available at Oberweis Dairy.

Tasty Treats From Oberweis Dairy

Wherever we travel, Crystal and I will usually be on the lookout for ice cream. We are fortunate that both of us can agree on this creamy treat as a preferred dessert option. When we planned our latest Chicago visit, it was agreed to make our base camp on the outskirts of the metro. While it meant a longer commute to the main attractions, it put us in easy striking distance of sampling the tasty treats at Oberweis Dairy. For those who have never visited Chi-Town, this Midwest creamery serves up some delicious ice cream creations, in a family friendly setting.  

We want to thank Oberweis Dairy for their hospitality. Rest assured all opinions are our own. 

Families enjoy spending some relaxed time together enjoying tasty treats at Oberweis Dairy.

Entertaining the Troops

This trip included time with two of our grand-kids, so adding a sweet treat  would not require convincing. When we told them of our trip to Oberweis dairy, they pointed out that they had visited before, and liked their ice cream. Since our visits always include some guy running around with a camera (Me), we try to arrange our timing with staff. We were greeted warmly by Lauren, and given a short background on the company. While we listened, we had a look around the store. We noticed families gathered at tables playing chess and enjoying their scrumptious scoops. It was apparent that this place is a huge draw for families in part, because they offer such a welcoming atmosphere. We had learned that they get their dairy products from a series of small farms, which allows them to insure the best quality. From the non-stop line at the counter, it was apparent that this feature wasn’t lost on the locals.

Tasty treats at Oberweis Dairy include sundaes that can be simple or extremely decorated.

Behemoth Bowls

After completing our tour, it was time to sample the tasty treats at Oberweis Dairy. With four humans in our group, it gave us a chance to sample a wide range of their ice cream treats. They make their waffle cones and bowls right there in the store, so we knew they would be fresh. What added a twist is that they dip some of them, and even decorate them with sprinkles. Oh yeah, choosing our selections just became a little harder. Lauren made a few suggestions, which would allow a test of some of the variety available. These sundae bowls can be filled with your choice of ice cream flavors, so Crystal chose Lemon Blackberry.  I decided to go overboard and sample one of their custom creations. Lauren whipped me up this mountain of magic, complete with chunks of cookie dough. Yes, I was rolling out of there.

Ice cream is the main attraction for visitors to Oberweis Dairy.

Tasty Treats at Oberweis Dairy

The grand-kids showed a little more restraint than us, which certainly surprised me. A two-scoop cone certainly looked appealing, as I posed with it by one of the murals inside the store. Of course, I had to take the picture quick, since our grandson was eager to devour his tasty treat. Our granddaughter ordered up one of their frosty shakes, which comes with a cookie straw.  Soon, we were all enjoying our ice cream and discussing who’s was the best. The final vote was that each Oberweis Dairy treat was delicious in its own way.

A swag bag from Oberweis Dairy is packed full of logo'd items.

Unexpected Treasures

Before we left, Lauren surprised us with a gift bag filled with Oberweis Dairy swag. The two stuffed cows were immediately spoken for, and never made it to Kansas City. Perhaps they will get a chance when the grand-kids visit. Inside we found a thank you card, which was such a memorable token. For us, we are usually satisfied with just having the opportunity to share some places that you may overlook during your own vacations. Our hope is that by giving you a peek inside, you will be more comfortable choosing to make your own visit.

That Burger Joint is a sister company for Oberweis Dairy that serves up simple eats with some interesting options.

Branching Out

One of the items in our swag bag was a gift card for a sister company that Oberweis Dairy owns. That Burger Joint is exactly what the name says, a local burger stand serving up burgers, chicken, and hot dogs. While the menu is fairly straightforward, the food offers some interesting options. Crystal and I each had burgers, but we switched it up with our bun choices. Mine was presented on a pretzel bun, while she opted for a Ciabatta roll. They have a variety of toppings to choose from, and they are all free, except for bacon. We were finding that Chicago is a “must see” city. (You can see more of our Chicago articles here.)

The authors made sure to test our the tasty treats at Oberweis Dairy on multiple visits.

One More Bite

When we arrived at That Burger Joint, we didn’t realize it was connected to a satellite branch of Oberweis Dairy. It was a pleasant surprise to see the familiar tables, with chess boards, sitting at the other end of the space. After we finished our meal, we decided that we needed to test out the ice cream one more time. After all, it is all in the name of research, and we are always willing to make a sacrifice for the blog. This time we went with same line of thought that our grandson used, and each ordered a cone. As we sat there devouring our tasty treats, we found ourselves in ice cream heaven. How many of you have tested the tasty treats at Oberweis Dairy?

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