A tray full of scrumptious food reminds us of road trips from our youth.

The Origin of Corn Dogs – Cozy Dog Drive In

A visit to Springfield, Illinois holds something for just about everyone in your travel crew. If you are a fan of road trips, then retracing the Mother Road (Route 66) will lead you straight through the heart of this Midwest city. Along the route, there are a variety of unique stops, like Cozy Dog Drive In. When we made our stop at this iconic site, we had no idea that we were taking a step back into the origin of corn dogs. 

We want to thank Visit Springfield and Cozy Dog Drive In for their hospitality. Rest assured the opinions are all our own. 

A visit to Cozy Dog Drive In helps detail the origin of corn dogs in Springfield, Illinois.

Getting Our Kicks on Route 66

Growing up, we had plenty of opportunities to visit sights along the old Route 66, as it wound its way through the Central U.S. Today, nostalgia drives thousands of visitors each year to cruise some or all of America’s “first highway”. Over the past couple of years, we have added stories from plenty of Mother Road cities, including ones in our home state of Kansas. (You can read about one of our Route 66 explorations here.) With so much of the route already under our belt, a chance to fill in the gaps in Springfield was not to be overlooked.

Cozy Dog Drive In is a good place to learn about the origin of corn dogs, and has an area filled with memorabilia from days gone by.

The Early Days

Cozy Dog Drive In has a fascinating story to tell, and much of the information is held in artifacts at their restaurant. Their claim to fame is not that they invented the corn dog, but that they revolutionized how it is served. For decades, corn dogs have been a staple of southern cuisine. This dish involves coating a frankfurter in a cornbread sandwich. While it is basically an early version of today’s popular treat, it took too long to prepare. While Ed Waldmire Jr. was attending Knox College, he had his first experience with this southern dish. After discussing it with a fellow student, he let the subject drop. Five years later, he heard from that student, who told Ed that he had developed a batter recipe that would stick to the frank, while being deep fried.

The seating area at Cozy Dog reminded us of the diners we would visit during our younger days.

The Origin of Corn Dogs

Since Ed was stationed at an Air Force base in Amarillo, Texas, he had time to test it and had access to equipment. The early versions used cocktail forks for sticks, and were nicknamed “crusty curs”. This new version was a hit, and Ed sold thousands in Amarillo. Once the recipe was fine tuned, it was time to work on the name. After going through a dozen he didn’t like, he finally settled on “Cozy Dogs”.  In 1946, Cozy Dogs were moved to Springfield, Illinois. That same year, this unique eat was introduced at the Illinois State Fair. By 1949, they had moved to Route 66 and the tag “Drive In” was added to their name.

The staff at Cozy Dog Drive In spend lots of time manning the fryers, as they prepare the corn dogs that people travel from all over to taste.

Cozy Up to Cozy Dog

These days, travelers from around the globe visit Cozy Dog Drive In to learn about the origin of corn dogs, and sample these tasty treats. We pulled into their location at 2935 S. 6th Street, which is easily spotted by their sign along the street. Our stop was at lunchtime, and we found a steady stream of diners making the pilgrimage. Once inside, we discovered it is counter service. We placed our order and found a seat close enough to watch the magic. The menu has a good variety of handhelds, so those looking for something besides a corn dog will surely find a meal to their liking.

Crystal waits patiently as I take a photo of our tray full of food at Cozy Dog.

Our Turn To Taste

We decided to sample a spectrum of the menu, including the iconic treat that the restaurant is named after. Of course, we had to toss in some fries and rings, as well as a juicy burger to round out the meal. To wash it all down, we discovered they have an assortment of bottled sodas to choose from. We found it to be an added bonus that they carry the Route 66 logo on the containers. With all of this food laid out in front of us, the only thing left to do was to dive in. As we dined on our nostalgic meal, we took in all of the memorabilia that adorns the dining room. It sure made us feel like we were kids again, enjoying a site along the Mother Road. How many of you like to explore Route 66 cities?

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6 thoughts on “The Origin of Corn Dogs – Cozy Dog Drive In”

  1. This is a very nice story about my father’s restaurant, owned now by my son, Josh Waldmire & family. They work very hard to maintain the tradition and quality we have been noted for. Thank you very much.

  2. Great Route 66 iconic stop! Josh Waldmire has kept the “humble and kind” tradition of the family along with providing wonderful food. By the way, their chili is first rate and goes great with the Cozy Dog.

  3. Kristen A Eisenbise

    We are going to visit The Cozy Dog Drive In on July 25th. We started our a Journey in Chicago, IL where the historical Route 66 began but unfortunately it was a Sunday when we ventured to CD, and it was closed, so now we are headed home to PA, and will be stopping at the CD for sure!

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