The sampler platter at Lulu's Noodles is filled with Thai inspired dishes.

Thai Inspired Dishes – Lulu’s Noodles

Have you ever made an assumption about a business based on partial information? This has actually happened to us a few times. It often occurs because we have failed to thoroughly research. Let’s look at an example of such an oversight. We first noticed Lulu’s Noodles during our day trips to downtown Lawrence, Kansas. During this period, we made an assumption that all they served were various flavors of noodle bowls. Unfortunately, that particular location has since closed, but it meant that it moved closer to us. Years would pass, before we discovered they offer up delicious Thai inspired dishes. It was quite apparent that they love doing what they do.

Lulu's Noodles is a bustling stop for Happy Hour in the Crossroads District of Kansas City.

Happy Hour Hangout

We arrived at Lulu’s Noodles Crossroads location at the tail end of Happy Hour. Being located at 2030 Central Avenue puts them in the heart of a busy business district. First Friday Artwalks add another boost to their monthly business. We are sure that their Thai inspired dishes are what draw most of the customers. As we waited for our server to seat us, we noticed that the place was teeming with couples and groups enjoying some leisure time. Being early in the year, the colder weather was holding down the number of people attending this particular First Friday. Even with the cold, Lulu’s was still humming.

The Sampler Platter makes a beautiful presentation of Thai inspired dishes at Lulu's Noodles.

Savory Sampler

After being seated, we opened the menu to find quite a surprise. Sure, they had some noodle dishes, but much of the menu is filled with Thai inspired dishes. Knowing that the two of us will only eat so much, we always look for some sort of sampler. Right at the top of the menu, we discovered Lulu’s Sampler platter. Here we could test four different bites, which are common dishes in Asian cuisine.

The Sampler consists of a pair of Vietnamese Spring Rolls filled with vegetables and delightful rice vermicelli noodles. Crispy Crab Rangoon offers a nice tangy bite, and pair well with the Veggie Dumplings. The platter is rounded out with some Pork Dumplings that come fried or steamed. Their trio of dipping sauces gave us an additional way to add more flavor to our shareable bites. How many of you like to savor a sampler platter when visiting a new restaurant?

Thai Cashew chicken is a flavor filled dish that brings plenty of taste to the table.

Thai Cashew Chicken

The first taste of Lulu’s menu had really hit the spot, but we still had some room to fill. We decided to split an entree dish to finish off our culinary visit. Thai Cashew Chicken seemed like a good fit for both of us since we have had a similar dish at other spots. This would give us a chance to compare theirs to a dish we had in an Overland Park eatery. When our plate arrived, the aroma was intoxicating. The dish consists of chicken, green beans, onions, and scallions all stir-fried in a delightful sauce. A heaping mound of jasmine rice makes a great base for mixing with the meal. You can imagine that we enjoyed every bite of this dish.

The authors pose for a quick selfie during a First Friday in the Crossroads.

Thai Inspired Dishes

While our visit to Lulu’s Noodles occurred before the pandemic struck, we imagine that having their dishes to go would be just as flavorful. We have sampled some Thai inspired dishes from other places, on a carryout basis, and they travel well. As our country begins the cautious project of opening back up for business, we know that many of you will remain guarded about dining out. We are confident that the concerns of public safety will be addressed, as we learn more about how to safeguard ourselves. In the meantime, join us in supporting our local businesses by grabbing a meal to go and celebrating life. Now which of those appetizers looked most appealing to you?

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