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They Took Us Up 500 Feet in Philadelphia, And Then We Saw It

When visiting large cities, we always enjoy the opportunity to see the landscape from high above.  Sky Philadelphia was located just a block from our hotel, and offered views of the city from 51 stories. This was an attraction we just couldn’t pass up.

Skyscrapers in downtown Philadelphia.

Sky Philadelphia Background

After a very quick elevator we were led out to a open air patio, which offered us great views. It was early evening, so we this gave us enough light to look around. Sky Philadelphia is located in a building that used to be called Top of the Tower. These days it is used for a wedding venue, and hosts brunches on the weekends. It also has the distinction of being a high altitude beer garden on certain evenings.

Sunset glows on a glass sided skyscraper.

As we looked around the city, we saw many of the places we had visited that day. Off to the east we could see the Delaware River snaking through the landscape, as it marked the line between Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Nearby that is the historic district, which holds landmarks related to the birth of our nation. Closer to us we could see the dusk begin to reflect off of the glass sides of the Comcast Building.Authors posing for photo.

Waiting on the Sunset

Everyone kept talking about the great sunsets that can be seen from this vantage point. They built it up so much, we were hoping it didn’t end up being a disappointment. We had some finger foods and social sips, while we waited. We also had an opportunity to speak with some of the staff who work security up top. They told me that for the most part the crowds are quiet and calm, but staff is always on the ready for any potential problems.

Sunset in Philadelphia.

Star of the Show

We knew that the sun was setting, because the other visitors were all heading out onto the patio. The late evening heat had forced most of us back inside, but the temperatures had leveled off a little, so it was better for viewing. The patio was filled with couples, families, and small groups of friends all vying for the best viewing spots. As the sun sank into the horizon, the thin clouds lit up with yellow and orange tones. The constant activity of earlier had been replaced with quiet awe.

Lights of Philadelphia glow.

It is amazing how quickly dusk turns to dark. Before long, the night began stretching across the horizon. The city lights grew brighter, and offered a different twist to this attraction. We stayed for a while, checking out the glowing city that sat at our feet. After a bit, we decided to make our way back to our hotel. The short walk back had a new perspective after seeing the streetscape from  floors above.

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