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How Hot Do You Want? Lemongrass Thai

It hasn’t been that many years ago, since our daughter first introduced us to Thai cuisine. A recent visit to downtown Overland Park gave us a perfect opportunity to test our Lemongrass Thai, which is located at 7316 W. 80th Street.

Contemporary seating and decor at Lemongrass Thai restaurant.

First Impressions of Lemongrass Thai

When we first entered, we were less than impressed. The entrance off of the street deposited us in a smallish bar-type area. Now with all of the cars parked in the vicinity, it was obvious that there was more to this place. Soon our hostess led us around a corner into the main dining area. Suddenly the place was larger, and more elegant than our first impressions showed. We were seated in a booth, and took in the modern setting that surrounded us. We were in the area for the Third Friday Local Life event, so we were not surprised to see a decent crowd. Besides, the reviews of this place were extremely favorable.

Chicken Pad Thai meal.

 How Hot?

After reviewing the menu, we had made our decisions. Crystal chose the Chicken Pad Thai, which includes bean sprouts, cabbage, and scallions. It includes diced peanuts, and comes with the choice of your desired heat level. Crystal chose a lower level, but decided that on a future visit she will pick a medium amount. The flavor was great, and the portion size more than enough for a meal, and some leftovers for the next day’s lunch.

Plate of Cashew Fried Chicken.

I chose the Cashew Stir Fry Chicken, which has a good selection of vegetables all served in a garlic brown sauce. It also includes a nice scoop of rice that mixes in well. We were both quite pleased with the flavors we chose, and my portion was also large enough for us to take home left-overs. I was interested in how they would taste warmed up, but I’ll have to take our son’s word on it, since he finished them both off. We figure that this meant we got three meals for the price of two. Not too bad of a deal, especially for such flavorful dishes.

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