The Kansas City federal reserve is home to the Money Museum where you can learn more about US currency.

Want Some Free Money? – The Money Museum

They say that education is one of the best investments. Does that mean if you learn about money, you are doubling the value of your education? Perhaps my math doesn’t quite add up, but you can certainly learn a lot at The Money Museum. This FREE attraction offers a lot for all ages and helps visitors understand more about how the Federal Reserve works. You even get a treat at the end, and who wouldn’t want some free money?

Tow prominent statues stand guard outside of The Money Museum in Kansas City.

Raise Your Hands if You Want to See Inside

The Money Museum is located inside of the Federal Reserve Building at 1 Memorial Drive, in Kansas City, Missouri. As we made our way to our destination, our view landed on the World War 1 Museum, just across the street. (You can read about this world-renowned museum here.) While making our way to the entrance, we passed a pair of statues that represent Industry and Commerce. Inside, we passed through security and were on our way to the exhibits. Important NoteBring an I.D. to get in.

At The Money Museum, we found a rotating exhibit was focused on origami using U.S. currency.

Rotating Exhibits

As soon as you pass security, you arrive at the information desk. We had a short chat with Abby Anderson, who is the museum coordinator. She informed us that the museum hosts rotating exhibits that complement their permanent displays. During our visit, the temporary exhibit was about money origami. This particular exhibit will run until the end of 2019. 

It is interesting to see the unique geometric shapes created using origami.

Follow the Rules

Abby pointed out that photography is acceptable in all areas, except where money was being stored or transferred. She also reminded us not to photograph staff or security personnel. That’s an easy enough request because there are plenty of displays to hold our attention. After reading the bio of Chicago origami artist, Steve Robbins, we watched a short video about him and his work.

We enjoyed seeing all of the origami creations that are displayed at The Money Museum.

Intricate Art

There are quite a few examples of his art, and all are made with U.S. currency. It seems like the common theme is geometric designs, and we were amazed at the creativity required to amass so many variations. All of these cool shapes and designs were sparking our own creative juices. It was fun to see his creations, but if you want some free money, you won’t find it here. All of these pieces are kept under glass.

Visitors can try their hand at creating their own origami creations.

Give It a Try

No problem there, since The Money Museum offers a handful of hands-on experiences for visitors. We found a nearby table with a do-it-yourself origami station. Step-by-step guides help guests envision and create a couple of different versions. The fox is fairly simple, so once you master it, you need to try your hand at the more complicated frog.

Jay's Journal guides visitors through a variety of educational panels that are good for all ages.

Jay’s Journal

Once you’ve mastered this new skill, it’s time to check out the educational displays that are part of the permanent exhibit. The Money Museum wants to make learning about money fun for all ages, so they introduced us to Jay. He would be our iconic guide, as we learned more about what role the Federal Reserve plays in helping the U.S. economy.

You may want some free money, but learning how to manage it will be important.

Never Too Young

After learning about the overall mission of the Federal Reserve, it was time for a few lessons that hit closer to home. A wall filled with hands-on panels teaches visitors of all ages about the importance of money management. This is a great lesson that can never start at too young of an age. As we made our way through the displays, we had to make decisions about how we wanted to spend or invest our money and found plenty of advice on what would yield the best results.

If you want some free money, it can be found at The Money Museum in Kansas City.

Want Some Free Money?

With all the education we just picked up, you would think we would have to pay a tuition bill. Quite the opposite happens at The Money Museum. At the end of our visit, we were invited to grab a sack of cash, before heading on our way. Really! There is a HUGE bin of shredded currency and visitors are invited to take a bag home with them. Who wouldn’t want some free money? Okay, let’s recap our visit. Free admission, lots of interesting hands-on exhibits, free money management advice, and we get to take home some free cash with us. What’s not to love about The Money Museum?

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