Kansas City restaurants - Mexican food - Authentic Mexican

Warm Welcome at Los Alamos Market

Los Alamos Market y Cocina sits in the middle of the  Westside area in Kansas City, Missouri. Located at 1667 Summit Street, it is within walking distance of downtown or the Crossroads District. Since 2001, Los Alamos Market has occupied this corner. Nearby residents and visitors enjoy a variety of locally owned restaurants and shops.

Kansas City restaurants - Mexican food - Authentic Mexican

Marketing To The Masses

During our visit, we found out Los Alamos has adapted over the years. In the early days, they focused on selling household goods, wine, beer, and Mexican items. Customers requested more from them, and soon they began offering breakfast items. Owners Augustin and Ana found that the demand continued to grow, and soon added lunch. To this day customers will still find an eclectic collection of goods for sale. Pinatas hang above shelves filled with Jarritos and assorted snacks. As we made our way past these few shelves we came to the dining area. Taking up about half of the floor space is an assortment of mismatched tables and chairs. Our arrival was after the lunch rush on a Saturday, but we still found quite a few of the tables occupied. We made our way over to the glass-front counter to order our meals.

Kansas City restaurants - Mexican food - Authentic Mexican

Rustic Menu at Los Alamos Market

As we stepped up to the counter we were greeted by Augustin. We explained that this was our first visit, and a smile spread across his face. He immediately started into his presentation about all of the items available to eat. It was obvious that he is passionate about the business, and loves sharing their food with customers. This kind of warmth makes a visit that much more special. He walked us through all of the items available, and gave us a brief explanation of the components and cooking for each. What began as a lunch stop quickly turned into a mini-lesson on authentic Mexican foods. Crystal selected the Pork Carnitas plate, which comes with rice and beans. You have a choice of corn or flour tortillas, but Augustin suggested we go with the corn, so we did.

Kansas City restaurants - Mexican food - Authentic Mexican

Authentic Flavor

I chose the Beef Barbacoa, which comes with the same sides, and I selected the corn tortillas, as well. We found ourselves a table, and waited for our plates to be assembled. We noted that Los Alamos Market has a diverse range of customers, and all looked satisfied with the meals they were eating. Our anticipation grew, and soon our plates were brought to the table. Two bowls of sauce were also served, and it was noted that one was mild, and the other hot. In my opinion they may have misidentified them, since the mild had lots of kick. Of course, we weren’t going to test that theory for fear that the other was substantially hotter. The food was delicious, and there was plenty to fill us, and allow for left-overs. A note to our non-heat loving readers, the slaw in the middle contains some diced peppers that also have a healthy kick. We bid our goodbyes to Augustin and Ana, and thanked them for their hospitality. After this wonderful experience the only question is, what other great menu items should we try?


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