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What Could be More American Than Hot Dogs?

A visit to UpDog felt appropriate considering we were in Harry Truman’s hometown. After a few hours of exploring, we had built up an appetite, but we were in need of a quick meal, as we still had lots more to see and do.

UpDog - hot dogs - Independence Missouri - restaurants

Hot Dogs – America’s Meal

It was a quiet day on the square, as even though the rain had subsided, it was still threatening. Being bloggers means that sometimes rain will be present, and you just deal with it. On this occasion it worked in our favor, since we mostly only saw some spits. By the time we had a moment for a lunch break, it was already afternoon. UpDog is a local hot dog restaurant that sits at N. Liberty Street. That gives it a prominent location on one of the corners of the historic downtown Independence, Missouri square. We figured that a hot dog joint should make for a quick, and filling meal.

hot dog - restaurants - Independence Missouri

When we entered the restaurant, we seemed to be the only customers. Staff was more than willing to pose for a photo, as we explained what we were doing that day. It never dawned on me that sometimes the workers in shops near our exploration see us as we pose for, and take dozens of pictures. It takes that many sometimes to make sure we get just the right shot. So, here we were explaining our odd behavior, and they seemed to be satisfied with it. At UpDog customers mosey up to the counter to place their order. What should be fairly simple becomes more complicated when you realize they offer thirteen versions of hot dogs. After much deliberation, we finally made our choices, and found ourselves a booth.

hoy dogs - chili dogs - onion rings - restaurants

Hot Diggity Dog

Crystal chose the Cincinnati Dogs, which are basically twin three inch chili dogs with cheese. I went with the Bacon Chili Cheese Dog, whose  ingredients are fairly self described in the name. Since we had plans for a dessert stop after this, we chose to split an order of onion rings. It seemed that the weather had stabilized enough for others to come out. As soon as we finished ordering others began filing into the restaurant. As we waited for our dogs to be grilled, we discussed the wide variety of menu items at this specialty hot dog joint. We’ve never had a Fajita Dog or Chorizo Dog, but maybe on our next visit. So what do you order on your hot dog?

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