The flavors of Mexican seafood dishes are bringing the sea to KC at Jarocho Authentic Mexican Seafood.

Bringing The Sea to KC – Jarocho Authentic Mexican Seafood

Living in the landlocked Midwest can limit our access to fresh seafood. Few places have the dedication to do the legwork required to keep this type of pipeline running. Fortunately, we have a delectable option right in our hometown. Jarocho Authentic Mexican Seafood is bringing the sea to KC. We have been advised of the merits of this KCK restaurant for years but had overlooked trying it out. Since we find ourselves taking a look at places closer to home, this one popped up on our radar. Getting the first impression of a new eatery from their takeout really puts them to the test. Let’s see how they did.

Jarocho may be takeout only for now, but the flavors that have made them popular are still available.

Why Here?

When we first heard that a Mexican seafood restaurant had opened nearby, we wondered why here? Doing a little research, I found out that owner Carlos Falcon noticed the lack of good seafood options when he and his wife moved to Kansas City some twenty years ago. Being raised in Veracruz, Mexico, he had grown up with the ocean literally steps from his home. Combining his classic French training and love for Mexican seafood dishes has allowed Carlos to brighten the restaurant scene in Armourdale. Yes, this delightful dining experience is located deep in the heart of an industrial sector of the city, at 719 Kansas Avenue. We are finding that there’s an assortment of chefs serving up amazing dishes all over KCK, just like this one we found near downtown.

Our table was filled with delectable dishes and the smells were making us anxious to sample the tastes.

Well Packed

Our order was called in and they asked us to allow about 15 minutes for them, to prepare it. That worked out as just about the amount of time it takes to get there from our home. We arrived at Jarocho, on a Friday evening, for our to-go “date night”. After a few selfies outside of the restaurant, we headed in to pick up our meal. With all of the businesses shuttered temporarily, it makes getting around fairly easy. Inside, we found that our meal was just being packed up, so we paid and headed home. This environment has certainly diminished the presentation portion of our dining experience, so the flavor is more important than ever.

Mexican Coleslaw and fresh Guacamole are two unique tastes that make good accompaniments for the dishes at Jarocho.

Going Family Pack

The online menu at Jarocho has an astonishing amount of variety. Besides bringing the sea to KC, it also includes many standard Mexican cuisine dishes. Looking over the options, we noticed that they offer a Family Pack that comes with two entrees and a grouping of side dishes. This sounded like plenty for the two of us and would supply me with leftovers for lunch. The deal comes with some of their fresh Guacamole & Chips, which was a creamy delight. The smooth flavor of the avocado offered a pleasant alternate from their vinegar-based Mexican Slaw. For those of you used to a sweeter Coleslaw, this is a refreshing change of pace.

The Creamy Chipotle Jumbo Shrimp is just of the dishes that show Jarocho is bringing the sea to KC.

Creamy Chipotle Jumbo Shrimp

Since the Family Pack allows the choice of two entrees, we each decided to pick one that sounded intriguing. Crystal gravitated to the Creamy Chipotle Jumbo Shrimp. They didn’t exaggerate when they called them jumbo. This delicate dish is created with a creamy sauce that brings a punch of flavor. The mixture of jalapeno, cilantro, garlic, and onions blended so well with the cream to add a decadent taste. Paired with their Yellow Rice, it was a complete hit with Crystal. In fact, her words were “This is so freaking good!” That is the first time I have heard that phrase come out of her lips. High praise from a person who shies away from seafood, and it shows that Jarocho is definitely bringing the sea to KC.

Steak and Shrimp combines the flavors of the land and sea with a delightful jalapeno cream sauce.

Steak & Shrimp

Knowing what Crystal had chosen, I decided to see how well they do with beef. The Sirloin & Shrimp entree looked like a good opportunity. This dish features an 8 ounce Top Sirloin that is cooked to order. Alongside this, they included some grilled shrimp in a chipotle sauce. Like Crystal’s dish, the sauce was an amazing blend of flavors that accentuate not drown out the main course. With the addition of the sides, this was enough for me to have plenty to take for lunch. By the way, it was just as delicious reheated the following day.

The authors pause to reflect on the amazing flavors they were about to sample at Jarocho Authentic Mexican Seafood.

Bringing the Sea to KC

Even though this was our first foray into the menu at Jarocho, we immediately realized it would not be our last. Who knew that Mexican seafood cuisine is filled with such complex flavors? Now that we have broken the seal, we will certainly have to expand on our selections. While seafood is not our regular cuisine choice, the Family Pack will certainly give us a way to sample other menu choices. Knowing that we can pick one tried and true classic will make experimenting less risky. Who knows, our next meal at Jarocho may include Grilled Spanish Octopus or the Veracruz Fish Filet. Which of those would you be willing to sample?

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16 thoughts on “Bringing The Sea to KC – Jarocho Authentic Mexican Seafood”

  1. I’m sure i will not try the Octopus ,sorry, just not something would even imagine would be any where tasty. The building was nice looked nice cute Ocutopus with the hat added ,thanks the food you showed did look pretty good

  2. Oh my goodness, everything looks sooo good, defintely would order everything that you have shown in those pics, looks yummy!

  3. Irene S. Levine

    The Mexican seafood at Jaroche looks absolutely yummy! It’s also nice to support local restaurants while they are shuttered.
    Stay healthy! I miss Mexico and good seafood:-)

    1. We have been trying to support as many of our local establishments as possible. We know many of them from frequent visits and are hoping they survive during these trying times.

  4. It’s a good thing that Carlos Falcon noticed the lack of good seafood options in the area.

    A very healthy option and appetising.

  5. Suzanne Fluhr

    How nice to see a restaurant review even with the Covid limitations. I thought Kansas City would be beef this, beef that. I guess with ice and airplanes you can get fresh seafood to the Midwest.

  6. Karen Warren

    That looks lovely! Like you, I’ve been trying to support local restaurants by getting takeouts while they are closed, but I’m looking forward to being able to dine out again…

  7. Oh my, my mouth is watering! I love that you are continuing date nights and find new places to tell us about. Keep the reports coming – they are mouth-watering!

  8. It’s one of my absolute favorites! The soups are amazing! The broth is nothing short of magical! Definitely going to have to try the shrimp though it looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

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