Carryout meals are easy to find when you scope out Hole in the Wall dining destinations.

Hole In The Wall Dining – Grandstand Burgers

We all have our home town favorites that seem to draw us back over and over. For some, it may be the atmosphere or the feeling of nostalgia. One thing that is usually required is the ability to deliver a consistent meal that we can count on time after time. Living in a larger metropolitan area means there are a few of these types of places to choose from. One that we find ourselves near frequently is Grandstand Burgers, at 4942 Merriam Drive. Sitting on a busy corner, this diminutive eatery has been serving up Hole in the Wall Dining for nearly twenty years.

A picture of the behind the scenes work that is required to serve up the delicious dinners at Grandstand Burgers.

Close Quarters

Grandstand Burgers is the type of place that is designed for carryout service. When this social distancing order went into effect, it was easy for a place this small to adapt. Oh, there have been a few changes, but their day-to-day routine fits well with the new requirements. In the past, we would find ourselves squeezing into the shack-sized space to place our order. These days, patrons wait their turn outside and only enter one-by-one. Once you’ve placed your order, you head back outside to wait for your finished products to be brought out by staff. It is all quite efficient.

The Kelly Burger is one of the top sellers at Grandstand Burgers in Kansas city.

Kelly All the Way

Of course, efficiency is only one way to measure the success of a hole in the wall dining establishment. What’s important is the taste of the finished product. It needs to be consistently delicious and satisfying. Grandstand Burgers hits it out of the park in this category. Their menu is as simple as their motto. Makeup in taste what you lack in flash. Designed around their juicy burgers, they have included a few other standard fare handhelds to satisfy the masses. I’m sure someday we will sample one of those other options, but it seems that every visit has found us gravitating to their burgers.

On this particular day, I found myself ordering a Kelly Burger. This interesting combination of meaty flavors is their most popular offering. I’m not sure who came up with the idea of tossing a slice of ham on a bacon cheeseburger, but it was genius. Throw in some tater tots and onion rings and you have a full meal. We may not be talking about healthy food, but we love our weekend splurge.

A classic cheeseburger basket is a great choice for an easy carryout meal from a hole in the wall dining destination.

All-American Burger

Crystal was in the mood for something a little less meaty, so she ordered their standard Cheeseburger. Just because it was lacking the bacon and ham, it didn’t diminish the quality of the burger. That is one of the things we like about Grandstand Burgers. We also admire a place that serves up meat patties as large as the bun. None of that “Where’s the Beef?” here. We have a list of our favorite burger joints and this is one of the criteria we use to pick them. Christy’s Tasty Queen is another hole in the wall dining choice, in this category.

When she selected her sides, onion rings were also in her top picks. The ones at Grandstand Burgers are nice and crispy. She added some of their crinkly French fries to the mix, as well. Since we were selecting combination meals, they both came with drinks. While we will usually fall back on water for our beverage, this evening we selected Big Red for a little bonus treat. In the end, we both wound up stuffed.

The authors pause for a selfie as they wait for their order to be prepared at Grandstand Burgers.

Hole In The Wall Dining

While the carry-out only order is in effect, we are having to work a little harder to find suitable dining options. Hole in the wall dining locations is geared toward delivering “grab it and go” style meals. We hope to find a broader selection of restaurants to feature so that we all can see plenty of options. If there are places we are missing please drop us a note in the comments section below. We would love to showcase some more of our local small businesses who are working to make our lives a little bit better. Thanks!

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