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Danny Edwards BBQ – Eat It & Beat It

Writing about Kansas City barbecue can be a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing, because it means that we had a chance to experience another hometown joint, like our recent visit to Danny Edwards Blvd Barbecue at 2900 Southwest Blvd. The curse is knowing that there are so many other places left to explore, and the possibility that we may overlook some. I guess like everything, you do what you can, and just be satisfied with a good effort.

Seating is more readily available at Danny Edwards Blvd BBQ when you arrive just before closing time.

Deep BBQ Roots at Danny Edwards

Danny Edwards comes from a BBQ family, with his father being the infamous Jake Edwards. Jake brought his version of smoked meats to the city during the depression. Danny would work with him, and earn the nickname of “Lil’ Jake” by many of the regulars. Working with his father, Danny mastered the cuisine, and eventually struck out on his own in 1980. His little “lunch only” diner on Grand Avenue helped him grow his following. The launch of the Power & Light District meant that Danny would have to find a new home, and he settled on the Boulevard. He stuck with the lunch only hours of 11:00 to 3:00, on Mondays through Saturdays. We arrived with little time to spare at the end of the Saturday rush. Fortunately, there was still some food to be had.

A turkey sandwich with french fries and a side of Cole slaw.

Late Lunch or early Dinner?

After having spent most of the day exploring the World War 1 Museum, we were famished, and BBQ sounded like the perfect remedy. Our daughter had joined us for this excursion, so it gave me more dishes to test. This was a sacrifice I was willing to make. She chose the Turkey Sandwich with fries and a side of Cole slaw. The turkey slices have a little heft to them, and were not paper thin. This allowed them to stand up better to the sauce, which is a nice blend of sweet with a little kick. Evidently, his father was known to have a hotter sauce, which meant he didn’t have to make as much.

Ham sandwich with a side of sweet potato fries.

Crystal ordered her standard Ham Sandwich, but did get a little creative with the sweet tater fries. These were long cut, and crisp, while maintaining their texture on the inside. As we soon learned, it is fashionable to dip the sweet taters in the BBQ sauce. It certainly creates a flavor combination that is pleasing, but hard to describe. You’ll just have to try it for yourself.

Combo platter featuring ribs, burnt ends, chicken, and sliced beef brisket is accompanied by a side order of crispy onion rings.

More Than A Meal

Having never visited Danny Edwards BBQ, I felt it fitting to sample a wider variety of the menu. When I found the Combo Plate on the menu, then I knew it would fit the bill. Loaded with chicken, ribs, beef, and burnt ends, this plate is a meat lovers miracle. They even include a side, and I fell onto my all time favorite, onion rings. Hailing from a barbecue city, I realize my opinion is just one in a sea full of ‘cue lovers. I’ll throw mine out, and y’all can argue over the merits. The ribs were a little drier than I prefer, but had a nice smoke flavor. The chicken was chicken. (I never understood wasting smoke on something smaller than a pig.) The burnt ends were packed full of flavor, but note that they do have some crispy parts. The sliced beef had to be some of the most tender and juicy that I have ever savored. Overall, everything was acceptable, with much rising above the normal fare. Even after a five hour museum visit, the portions were large enough that we all departed with to-go boxes. We then followed the advice given at Danny Edwards Blvd Barbecue, “Eat it & Beat it!”

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