The old railroad depot has been repurposed as an art gallery that offers fine art lessons.

Get Active In Downtown Parkville

We feel that we are making a solid case for a couples visit to Parkville, Missouri. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a family-friendly location, as well. There are actually a variety of options for all ages to get active in downtown Parkville. Within a few block area we found about half a dozen things that can be enjoyed by a family, and we included one nice couples spot near the end of this article. With all of this fun just waiting to be had, let’s jump into it.

We want to thank Main Street Parkville and the local business for their hospitality. Rest assured all opinions are our own. 

A variety of fine art pieces can be found inside the Cathy Kline Gallery located in Parkville, Missouri.

Fine Art

As you make your way into downtown Parkville, Missouri, you will pass by the old railroad depot building. This charming and rustic structure has been re-purposed to hold the Cathy Kline Art Gallery. We made the short walk from Main Street to visit her shop and were taken back by all of the wonderful pieces she has displayed. Cathy welcomed us in and gave us a tour of the space. I’m a huge fan of glass works and was enchanted by the pieces she had in her gallery. It was nice to see that she includes many other artists, local and regional, in her space.

The Cathy Kline Gallery is a good place to learn how to create fine art pieces from a capable instructor.

A Delicate Touch

Cathy creates her own art, but also offers classes to others. During our visit, one of her students was busy working away on her piece. It was exciting to watch her work and she was kind enough to allow us to take her picture. If you have an inkling to pursue the fine arts, this is definitely a place to check out. Be sure to take some time to check out all of Cathy’s pieces that are displayed in the gallery.

Customers at the Parkville Artisan's Gallery can purchase locally made artwork or take a class to create their own piece.

More Artistic Endeavors

Back on Main Street, we decided to seek out more artistic options. At the Parkville Artisan’s Studio, they have plenty of choices when it comes to art classes. Our timing was perfect, as a Dirty Pour Painting Class was about to begin. While we waited for everyone to assemble, we checked out some of the pieces they have for sale. This place is packed with a wide variety of art styles and makes a good place to shop for that special someone who loves local artwork.

We enjoyed watching students get active in downtown Parkville, as they participated in a poured paint class.

Detailed Instructions

The Dirty Pour class is one of many types of art that you can participate in at the Artisan’s Studio. Everyone found a seat and was provided a canvas and empty cups. Various colors of paint are put into each cup, and will be thrown together for the final product. The idea is not to stir the various colors together, but to let each color come through in the final product. We watched as Tricia Szasz instructed the students on how the process works. She patiently walked through each step and repeated them when needed. After all of the questions were answered, it was time to get active.

A student creates their own masterpiece with poured paint and a canvas.

Creative Juices Flow

Once all of the paints had been poured, they are combined into one cup. What you get looks like a can of paint that has separated, but it’s what is needed to produce the finished product. The next step is to lay the canvas on top of the cup and then flip it over. Suction helps hold the cup on the canvas, as each student allows the cup to slide around. This distributes the paint across the surface. Once the majority of the paint has oozed out of the cup, it’s time to remove it. Now the students rotate the canvas up and down to distribute the paint around the canvas as they desire. The end result is a beautiful modern art piece that will  be suitable for hanging when it dries.

After you get active in downtown Parkville, why not relax with a yoga class.

Stretching into Parkville

Back outside, we headed across the street to check out the new space for Om Prana Yoga. This holistic wellness center offers classes for all levels of yoga enthusiasts. They focus on small class size, so that each person can get individual attention. The front half of their space includes a shop where you can pick up all of your comfy equipment for classes or just relaxing at home. One of the common themes we find in Parkville is the interesting merchandise for sale. We love the small shop atmosphere and it feels good putting money back into the community by supporting locally owned shops. (You can see more of the Parkville shops here.)

The climb up a stairway leads to the entrance to Parkville Mini Golf.

A View from Above

When you first arrive on Main Street Parkville, you may notice the Parkville Mini Golf sign on the top of the hill overlooking the downtown. We clambered up the steps to check out this family friendly attraction. If you want to get active in Parkville, climbing the stairs is a good start. Once up top, we had a wonderful view of nearby Park University. We popped in the clubhouse to grab our gear for a quick round of mini-golf. Since we both love this activity, there was no way we would miss this opportunity. In fact, we had to return on a different day to play, since our original visit ended up including a late season snow storm. Midwest weather can be so fickle.

Crystal rejoices in her well earned victory at Parkville Mini Golf.

Putting Around Town

It was time for our competitive juices to start flowing. While I love to play golf, Crystal has always shied away from the regular courses. Her best games are played on these miniaturized versions. On this day, she was on point and giving me quite a run for the money. Her pink ball seemed to be attracted to the holes and she was giving me a real challenge. In the end, it is hard to say who won, since we don’t keep score. It’s enough to say that we both had a great time and this seemed to be true for the other players on the course.

It's easy to get active in Parkville with a visit to the local farmers market.

To Market We Go

Since we had to make a return visit due to weather, it worked out that the Parkville Farmers Market was in session, as well. While it may not be as large as some found throughout the city, it is still a nice place to explore and visit with some locals. This day was the opening weekend, so not many crops were being harvested, yet.

The Parkville Farmers Market is a relaxing place to enjoy a Saturday morning.

Seasonal Colors

A few vendors were there to sell their various items, but we were just enjoying the vibrant colors. Crystal did pick up a buttery croissant to enjoy with her coffee. At the end of the aisle a band performed for the crowd. The whole setting was very relaxing and helped put us in a mood to slow our pace a little. We will have to come back a little later in the season to check out the fresh vegetables and fruits.

Wines by Jennifer is a good place for couples to sample wines from around the world.

Relaxing Activity

While the attractions we have mentioned up to now have been family friendly, we wanted to include a spot that is perfect for a couples escape. Wines by Jennifer is a small shop located just up the hill on Main Street. The owners have taken one of the beautiful historic homes and turned it into a destination. When we walked through the front door, we found an assortment of wine related products for sale. The staff explained how the building was laid out, with each room representing a different wine producing region. We made our way through the house checking out the various zones. This is a good place to taste some new wines that you may have had your eye on.

The authors pose for a selfie in front of Park University.

Get Active in Downtown Parkville

As you can see, Main Street Parkville is brimming with activities. They have options that work well during any weather. On the warmer days, plan a stop at the framers market, followed by a round of mini-golf. If it’s a rainy day, which we have seen lots of this year, why not plan a family lesson at one of the art studios. Of course, a yoga session would be a good stress reliever after a hard work week. With so much to see and do, when are you planning your next Parkville excursion?

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