Strolling through Main Street Parkville gives visitors a chance to see Parkville shops through fresh eyes.

Looking At Parkville Shops With Fresh Eyes

It amazes us to see the trends repeat themselves over the years. Much like clothing styles that refresh every few decades, we are witnessing a resurgence of the smaller boutique style shops. For many years, the big box stores were pushing these locally owned businesses out of the way. These days you can find more than a few of the mom & pop style stores throughout the city. There are even a few places where there is a collection of these unique destinations, such as Main Street Parkville. This happens to be one of our “go to” places when we want to spend some leisurely time together. Perhaps you haven’t been in a while, so how about looking at the Parkville Shops with fresh eyes.

We would like to thank Main Street Parkville and the local businesses for their hospitality. Rest assured all opinions are our own.

Main Street Parkville has plenty of shopping options to please anyone.

Landing at English Landing

One of the things that makes downtown Parkville so quaint, is that it has retained its small town feel. Walking along the sidewalks you can imagine you have been transported to a small town nestled in the countryside. Periodically, a train will pass through the area, much like you would find in so many Midwestern towns. The atmosphere beckons you to slow your pace and enjoy a relaxed visit. We started our exploration in English Landing Center, which is located on a hillside closer to the river. La Bottega Vintage Market is an antique and collectibles shop that has a variety of booths, with items from different vendors. Our morning visit was cloudy and cool, so we wandered through the spaces with an eye peeled for treasures. Just a little ways away, we happened upon Old Town Sweets. Here shoppers can satisfy their sweet tooth from an assortment of goodies. Be sure to check out their vintage candy packages that they use for decorations.

Finding that special pattern of fabric can come true at Parkville shops.

Putting the Pieces Together

While Crystal and I are not big into clothing creation, we have had reasons to purchase fabric in the past. New pillow covers, fabric screens or even just using a piece of fabric in a picture frame can add a special touch of home decor. Finding that unique pattern is especially fun during the holidays. At The Fabric Chic they have so many colorful options that it makes the final decision more interesting. If quilting is more your style, you will find all of your materials at Peddlers Wagon. Located at the top of the hill, on Main Street, this Parkville shop has a homey feel, like visiting grandma’s house.

Womens apparel boutiques attract plenty of shoppers to the downtown Parkville shops.

Designer Digs

One of Crystal’s favorite reasons for visiting Parkville shops is to check out the latest inventory at the clothing boutiques. J. Quinn Boutique is newer to the area, so it’s not surprising to find her checking out their fashions. Across the street is Sincerely, Ellis, which is her favorite boutique clothier in Kansas City. She actually first found them in the West Bottoms, and rejoiced when they joined the Parkville shops. They don’t have men’s clothing at either shop, but there are plenty of places for us guys to rest, while the ladies shop.

Farmhouse Collection is a satellite store for this Jamesport, Missouri based business.

Homey Comforts

While the boutique clothing stores gravitate toward women, there are some other shops that can be savored together. Another one of the newer businesses to join the Parkville shops is Farmhouse Collection. With a home base in Jamesport, Missouri, it was a natural choice to add a location in the quaint downtown area of Parkville. This store features tons of home decor items with a country feel. Stepping through the door, you are greeted with the fresh smell of wildflower scented candles and potpourri. We even watched as one of the staff members designed a custom aroma that Crystal uses to scent our home’s bedding.

You can find some amazing home decor pieces at Samasara in Parkville.

Color Your World

While we are on the subject of home decor, there is another Parkville shop you will want to visit. Samsara is just a short walk over to East Street. (One block over from Main Street) The bright red doors hint of the colors that can be found inside. This shop is filled with trendy, classic, and retro pieces that will add that certain something to just about any home. Crystal and I enjoy strolling through the store looking for that accent that will be just what we need to complete a look.

Guys enjoy relaxing at Cool Vintage Watches, while their significant others are checking out the Parkville shops.

Something for the Guys

You know how I said there are plenty of comfy spots for guys to sit while their significant others shop. What if I told you that there is a Parkville shop that is designed with guys in mind. Cool Vintage Watches is everything the name says and more. I like to explore the shop checking out all of the sports memorabilia, fishing gear, old cameras, and obviously cool watches. When your legs need a rest, pull up a seat in front of the television set and watch some sports. We are sure this will become one of your favorite hangouts, when visiting Main Street Parkville.

There are some extras that can be found at specialty shops in Parkville.

Take Home Something Special

We wouldn’t want the ladies to feel left out, so if you head across the street you will find Parkville Jewelers. You can find matching watches, but they won’t be vintage. Of course, if you guys are in the doghouse, this is the place to find that special something to get back in good favor. Speaking of doghouses, perhaps you are looking to add the pitter-patter of scurrying paws to your home. Over by Samsarayou will find a shop being run by Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter. You can check out who’s up for adoption or just chip in by shopping in their store. The money goes for a good cause.

Bentley Guitar Studios has been a mainstay of the Parkville shops for many years.

Jam Session

As you can see, there are Parkville shops to cover just about any subject. What if you are looking for something that just doesn’t fit in the normal boutique shop lineup? Perhaps you will find what you are looking for at Bentley Guitar Studios. Since the mid 1990’s, this has been the place in Parkville to shop for that special instrument.For those who already have a guitar, they also offer lessons, which so many of us could really use. Repair is included on their menu of services, but don’t bring in an old guitar that was destroyed during a heavy metal concert. No one can rebuild one of those.

Couples enjoy a relaxed day of shopping on Main Street Parkville.

Seeing the Parkville Shops with Fresh Eyes

Whenever we visit Main Street Parkville, we find lots of couples exploring the stores. With so much variety, it is easy to find something on your shopping list. Even if you have no purchases in mind, this quaint river town is a great destination to spend some leisurely “together” time. Strolling the brick sidewalks offers great views, fresh air, and we love the exercise. Why not make your own plans to check out these unique shops? We’ve even heard that there are some new places that will opening in the coming months. Things are looking bright in downtown Parkville, Missouri.

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