Main Street Inn is a premier bed and breakfast in downtown Parkville, Missouri.

A Couples Getaway At Main Street Inn Parkville

What is a couple to do when they need a break from their busy city life, but don’t want to take a road trip? Have you considered looking at options right in your own backyard? We did just that, when we spent a night at Main Street Inn in Parkville, Missouri.  Taking a weekend night away from home feels special, even if it is only a few miles to drive. On this evening, we wouldn’t have to worry about forgetting anything at home, since we could pop over in a few minutes. Another bonus for picking a couples getaway in our hometown.

We want to thank Main Street Parkville and Main Street Inn for their hospitality. Rest assured all opinions are our own.

A couples getaway is extra special when you toss in the pops of color found at Main Street Inn.

Colorful Accents

The Main Street Inn offered us a historic stay in a home built in 1885. The owners have added their own unique accents to the house, and many offer a pop of color. From the moment we arrived, we could see that this building stood out from its neighbors. The gingerbread accents on the exterior had hinted of the attention to detail that we found throughout the interior.

A pair of rooms that can be rented at Main Street Inn in Parkville, Missouri.

Romantic Settings

We were welcomed by owners Jason and Kathy, who have put their hearts into creating this special place. Main Street Inn has three suites to choose from for your couples getaway. Old Kate’s Room (pictured on left) is named for a mule that was used to help haul coal from the railroad depot up to Park College. Used for a few years, the mule was eventually retired when the Park College Power Plant was constructed. These days the old power plant serves as a local eatery and pub. Another room that gives a nod to the local college is Col. Park’s Suite. (pictured on right) Either of these rooms would be a perfect place to spend a peaceful escape from your busy daily life.

The Missouri River Suite is a great place to escape from daily life for a weekend getaway.

Our Couples Getaway

There is a third room, which is named the Missouri River Suite. This would be our hideout for the night. Once again, it was the details that drew our attention. One wall is original brick works from the 1885 construction. The addition of artistic details would not be lost on us, and we enjoyed exploring our room. With a large Jacuzzi tub, we were able to jet away the stress from a busy week while discussing our plans for the next day. The beautiful pops of color brightened the room, and did the same for our moods. It seemed that every time we looked around, we noticed another interesting detail.

A welcome tray of goodies to get our day started correctly.

Start the Day Right

After a restful night’s sleep, we woke refreshed and ready for a day of exploring in Main Street Parkville. As we relaxed in our room, a knock came on the door. We had been prepared for this, as Kathy told us she would bring us an early morning treat. Outside of our door, we discovered a tray filled with delectable delights. A carafe of French press coffee accompanied some freshly baked Strawberry-Banana Bread. This morning tidbit is a nod to a standard French first meal, and was just right to tide us over until breakfast time.

Our hosts know how to make guests feel at home when staying at Main Street Inn.

Happy Hosts

Once we had assembled ourselves and packed our overnight case, it was time to make our way to breakfast. The first floor of the house is home to Jason and Kathy. They welcomed us into the dining room, where we would fuel up for a day of exploring. For us, a huge plus of staying in bed and breakfasts is this personal time. It gives us a chance to learn more about the locals and why they love the area that they call home. It is also a great opportunity to get an inside scoop on things to see and do around town.

Our host plates up some delicious baked pears for us to enjoy.

Delicious Cuisine

This morning, Kathy had prepared  some tasteful dishes for us. We arrived just in time to watch her plate up Baked Pears. These were flavored with honey, cinnamon, and walnuts. The pears were so tender and full of taste. As we chatted with our friendly hosts, we quickly made this morning fruit disappear.

Egg Frittatas offered plenty of protein to fuel our busy schedule of exploring that we had on tap.

She Even Waits Here

Next it was time for the main course. We were really enjoying the way the meal was being served in stages, which allowed time to savor each dish. Individual servings of Egg Frittatas came filled with sweet peppers and accompanied by toast. Crystal took time to explain to our hosts the ritual of waiting, that accompanies most of her meals. As I gathered photos of the dishes laid out before us, the enticing aroma urged me to keep this down time to a minimum. Soon it was time for us to dig in to these tasty casseroles.

The authors pose for a selfie in front of Main Street Inn in Parkville, Missouri.

Plan Your Couples Getaway

We knew our couples getaway had a time limit, and we were saddened to have to leave Main Street Inn. This historic house had proven to be more than just a beautiful building. This home on the hill had offered us more than just shelter. It had been an escape from our daily routine. With our minds and bodies refreshed, we were ready to head out for some leisurely exploring in downtown Main Street Parkville. This stay had proven once again that you don’t have to leave the city to escape from it. When was your last hometown getaway?

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  1. I think i have read this a few times , i kept getting distracted so would leave ,but thought maybe i had to come back thinking i had missed a line or two, i think i got it all rad , an have enjoyed it all sounds like a place i would like to visit thanks Jeff and Crystal

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