We love to get sauced at Big Q Bar-B-Q in Kansas City, Kansas.

Get Sauced At Big Q Bar-B-Q

Let’s face it, us Kansas Citians have a thing for barbecue. There may be other cities that claim the crown for this delectable cuisine, but there is a reason that the World Series of BBQ is held in our hometown. For those needing more proof, just drive by Arrowhead Stadium before a Chiefs game, and take a whiff of the smoke-filled air. We have taken ‘Cue beyond the backyard and turned it into an iconic symbol of our city. What we really enjoy is the variety of sauces that can be found throughout the metro. Our local favorite is Big Q Bar-B-Q, located at 2117 S. 34th Street. It’s a great place to get sauced while devouring some local treats.

You don't need fancy decor, if your food does the talking.

It’s All About the ‘Cue

As soon as we step through the door, at Big Q, we know that it’s all about the barbecue. Like many KC joints, they keep the decor simple. The focus is on the food, as it should be. When it comes to barbecue, Kansas Citians expect great taste and tender bites. It takes hours and hours of preparation to create the perfect combination. Each BBQ joint has its own touch, which is why we find good eats at nearly everyone in the metro. With 35 years under their belt, Big Q has become a staple for good eats in KCK.

Seating is sufficient, but not the first priority at Big Q Bar-B-Q.

Keeping it Simple

The seating choices at Big Q are simple. A grouping of tables can be adjusted to handle just about any size party. Carry-out orders are a big part of their business since they sit smack dab in the middle of a residential neighborhood. To be honest, we usually take our order to go, since it makes the perfect choice for watching a game at home. Of course, when we are on the run, it’s nice to sit for a spell and enjoy one of their dinners.

Who could resist the Burnt End Plate, that is filled with delicious and tender chunks of beef?

Sampling Savory

On this visit, we were looking to fuel up, before heading out to an outdoor local event. We know that the barbecue will stay with us for a while, so a stop at Big Q was the perfect fit. Crystal will usually order a Barbecue Ham Sandwich, when we are carrying out an order. Since we were staying, she decided to go big with the Burnt End Dinner.  Loaded with a half-pound of lean beef brisket, it’s a protein-packed meal. The addition of two sides, (She chose Baked Beans and Cole Slaw.) bread and pickle round out the dish. I sampled a bite of her main dish and savored the chance to get sauced on these delectable bites of beef.

A plate of barbecue ribs pair well with french fries and onion rings.

Them Bones

Like many other Kansas City residents, I grew up on barbecue. For as long as I can remember, my family has been devouring local ‘Cue like it was a rare commodity. Some of my earliest memories of BBQ took place right here in Kansas City, Kansas. In the early days, my dad would let me go with him on his trips to Rosedale BBQ, where we would grab dinner for the family. (You can learn more about Rosedale BBQ here.) This is where I first found my love for ribs. To this day, I use this dish as a way to judge the barbecue at every place we visit. For me, Big Q’s ribs are the standard that I hold others to meet or beat. I savor each opportunity to get sauced on the spicy tang that each bite brings. Toss in some fries and onion rings, and I’m in barbecue heaven.

The authors take a moment for a selfie, before they get sauced on the delectable dishes at Big Q BBQ.

Get Sauced at Big Q BBQ

We are sure that each of you has your own hometown favorite, but we wanted to take this opportunity to showcase one that you may have overlooked. Kansas City is filled with places like Big Q Bar-B-Q, that are out there every day, delivering delicious taste to our tables. We hope you take this chance to share some of your hometown favorites with us. Drop us a comment below, to tell us about one of your all-time best BBQ locations. We’d love to sample the tastes, and maybe add an article about them. After all, it’s another chance to get sauced on local KC ‘Cue.

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