A Nutella Pop Tart and cup of Messenger Coffee make a great start to brunch at HomeGrown Kansas City.

HomeGrown Kansas City – Local Love

As I sit writing this article, my mind is wandering back to our table at HomeGrown Kansas City, located at 338 W. 63rd St. in KCMO. This Wichita-based restaurant broke ground in our hometown and has seen amazing success. It may just be their delectable pop tartlets, which are great paired with a cup of coffee. I like to believe it has to do more with their appreciation of local flavors, which they incorporate into their menu. Sure, other restaurants source locally, but this place has made it part of their mantra.

The interior of HomeGrown Kansas City is a casual atmosphere for dining.

Cultivate Kindness

When we stepped through the door of this Brookside eatery, the sign “Cultivate Kindness” was the first image to greet us. The idea that a local eatery would embrace this simple philosophy is encouraging. The question is whether the employees have accepted it, as well. From our first interactions with the hostess we felt welcomed. The dining spaces are relaxed and contemporary. The décor is simple, yet all suggests a feeling of warmth. Even the patrons looked to be enjoying the casual atmosphere.

The menu from HomeGrown Kansas City sits on a table with a cup of coffee.

Local Love

Once we were seated, we began the fun of exploring the menu. As we perused it, many familiar names ran before our eyes. Meats from Scavuzzo’s brought a feeling of pride to our KCK hearts. There were also references to Messenger Coffee, Shatto Milk, Liberty Fruit, and a dozen other Kansas City suppliers. Even the tables were branded as “Handmade in KC”. The owners of HomeGrown Kansas City definitely know the importance of developing local love.

Three red Velvet Pancakes are a sweet way to start the day.

Make Them Red Velvet

While we munched on our Nutella Pop Tart, our discussion fell to picking our main courses. Crystal has a thing for trying unique pancake offerings. The Red Velvet Pancakes were right up her alley. What was delivered to her was a trio of fluffy flavorful cakes covered with powdered sugar and a cream cheese drizzle. I snuck a bite and it reminded me of the delicious treat that we often expect to be served as dessert. It may not be the lowest calorie way to start the day, but it certainly is an enticing version.

A colorful plate of Eggs Benedict from HomeGrown Kansas City.

Egg-cellent Start

Our daughter will frequently join us for Sunday brunch, as she did on this day. This gives us a third meal to feature, and also taste. Amanda’s choice was the Turkey & Avocado Benedict. When I was reviewing my photos, I noticed that the design of this dish belies the flavors hidden below. The fresh Hollandaise sauce was picture-perfect, but underneath we discovered layers of tastes. The English muffin base is stacked with roasted turkey breast, poached eggs, and sliced avocado. The side of Rosemary Potatoes added another aroma wafting from her plate.

A plate of Croissant French Toast is accompanied by thick cut bacon.

HomeGrown Kansas City

I chose the simple route and ordered the Croissant French Toast. To be honest, this was a suggestion from the hostess and she didn’t mislead. Served with sliced strawberries and warm maple syrup, this sweet dish really hit the spot. I had our server toss in a side of Scavuzzo’s Thick Cut Bacon to provide some protein to tide me over until later. With our forks flying into action, the three of us munched and chatted. The casual vibe of HomeGrown Kansas City soaked in and we lingered over another cup of Messenger Coffee. We were definitely enjoying all of the local love.

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  1. Wow, everything looked very good. I do believe I would definitely like to try the one Amanda picked, although the bacon looked really delicious. I guess I will have to try all three sometime.

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