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Reclined Elegance At The Basha Cuisine

Rewind a couple of years, and we made a visit to The Basha Cuisine with our daughter. She has always been an adventurous soul when it comes to testing various cuisines. This may be the reason we have been so willing to expand our palettes, by visiting the unique restaurants that can be found tucked away around Kansas City. This specific purveyor of Mediterranean cuisine can be found just off of Metcalf Avenue at 7016 W. 105th Street in Overland Park. It’s a little difficult to locate, but well worth the effort, as it offers plenty of reclined elegance during meal time.

The entrance to The Basha Cuisine to is a little difficult to find, but worth the search.

Lunch Break

We had just finished a visit to the Johnson County Museum and were looking for something unusual for a late lunch. (You can read about the museum here>) Wanting to go somewhere that would have a menu that allowed us to sample a variety of their dishes, we remembered The Basha Cuisine. Since we had taken our time at the museum, we arrived at the restaurant in the middle of the afternoon. This allowed us to have the place almost to ourselves, but not completely. During the week they close between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm, but not on Fridays and Saturdays.

Reclined seating at The Basha Cuisine makes for a memorable dining experience.

Reclined Elegance

The hostess led us to a booth, but tables are also available. One of the more interesting seating areas is a small room near the back corner of the restaurant. Here we found three low divans filled with throw pillows. A grouping of tables are the appropriate height to accompany this lounge style seating. It appears to be designed for groups of people, but it is probably available to smaller numbers. We made a mental note of this area for future reference. It may be fun to dine in a more reclined fashion.

An assortment of small bites create an appealing appetizer platter.

Mix and Match Meal

Since neither of us truly remembered our previous visit, we decided to sample a variety of the dishes available at The Basha Cuisine. We discussed our desire with our server, and she made some excellent suggestions. Our meal began with the Sampler Platter from the appetizer section of the menu. This tray, which is pictured in the title shot of this article, consists of four items. A serving of hummus  rests on one end of the platter, and is topped with a spicy sauce. Glad we had plenty of water to quench the heat. Sitting opposite of the hummus is a serving of Baba Ghanouj, which while similar in appearance is made with eggplant instead of chickpeas. The topping sauce was not as hot, but still quite flavorful. Three falafel offered a different texture for chickpeas, as these are fried. Stuffed Grape Leaves containing rice, tomato, and a nice touch of spices completed the platter.

The Mixed Grill Platter has plenty of food for two to share.

For our main dishes we ordered the Mixed Grill Platter. A heaping mound of rice anchors the plate and its three accompaniments. Shish Tawook is grilled chicken skewers flavored with a house blend of herbs. Grilled Kefta is a blend of ground beef and lamb that is shaped into a log before cooking. This matches well with the Tahini sauce they serve in a cup. Gyro beef rounds out the trio and can be stuffed into the pitas. These are delicious when garnished with the garlic sauce and marinated salad that accompanies the platter. As you can see, our choices were more than enough to satisfy both of our appetites. For less than $30.00, including tip, we were able to enjoy a Mediterranean feast. How many of you have discovered this hidden gem?

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The Basha Cuisine-Mediterranean-restaurant-Overland Park Kansas-dining

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    The seat back I was in could have been reclined too now that I think about it. If you think of it, check that out too.

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